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LOOK X-Track Easy Cleats

Look's X-Track mountain bike pedal system has a positive feel and direct body contact that seems to borrow from Shimano's SPD design, yet with the a twist that is purely Look. The cleats are in fact SPD compatible, though visually they offer a different shape. Look is now offering the X-Track Cleats in two options: Standard and Easy. These Easy cleats are designed for beginner riders or anyone who is concerned about a difficult release. Yes, this normally is a comfort option for beginners, but we have known plenty of cyclists with bad knees or ankles, or perhaps just very small feet (less leverage) that choose cleats with easier or multiple release options.

The X-Track Easy Cleats are still made with premium steel, for best wear, feature 2° of side-to-side float, and 6° of angular float. The cleat is considered multi-release, which means you can release to either side or if you pull up hard enough. The disengagement angle is 13°, and you can angle the cleat 1° while mounting. The two cleats come complete with bolt washer and two bolts.


  • Multi-release /easy release cleats for Look's X-Track MTB pedal system
  • Release to either side or straight up with less effort than standard cleat
  • Premium steel material is durable and resistant to wear from use, walking
  • Angular float: 6°
  • Lateral float: 2mm
  • Side to side disengagment angle: 13°
  • Angular adjustment: 1mm
  • Look X-Track Cleats are SPD compatible
  • Sold as a pair with necessary hardware
  • Weight: 45 grams
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