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Assos hK.sturmNuss Knickers

Assos has always been apprehensive when designing rain gear. Reason being, they took issue with the non-breathability of the waterproof textiles and fabrics that were available to create a wet weather riding garment. They were unwilling to produce any cycling apparel that didn't breathe and offer proper venting and perspiration control. Their solution to the problem was to produce their own family of textiles that are specifically designed for inclement weather riding and all are in play here with the hK.sturmNuss Knickers. Designers and engineers went to work in the Assos Textile Lab and produced the proprietary Triton V1 and Triton V2 fabrics. They do not have a chamois and are designed to be worn over shorts, knickers and insulated knickers, depending on the temperature.

Take the Triton fabrics, combine them with proper fit and siliconized ends and you have what many consider to be the ultimate lower body weather barrier for wet and inclement weather. For the central panels, Assos choose Triton V1. This material is non-stretch and is designed to keep you dry under extreme conditions. As your body heat increases, so does the breathability of V1. And while we wouldn't consider V1 very breathable, it is breathable enough not to create a complete barrier which will produce water inside the knickers from perspiration. This fabric is used on the rear buttocks, inside and front of the thighs and calves. Basically everywhere you get hit by water and from bikes in front of you and off of your own wheel spray. Triton V2 is used everywhere else. This 4-way semi-breathable and very water resistant fabric produces the anatomic fit and helps keep the garment fitting close to your body while keeping water at bay. Put the two Triton fabrics together and it is pure magic. The leg cuffs use siliconized grippers which keep water from intruding. The rear half of the waist band receives the same treatment.

These knickers were not only designed to be worn while it is raining, but to protect you from the wet. Meaning, a lot of riders do not ride in the rain, but still have to contend with wanting to ride when the roads are wet in areas even though it is no longer raining. When the roads are wet, you're going to get sprayed, by yourself or in a group. Another scenario is when it is slightly drizzling, even intermittently and you want to ride. You are still going to deal with wet roads and enough drizzle adds up over the miles. Some days you leave when it is dry but the forecast is grim and there's purple clouds in the distance. Any of the aforementioned scenarios are a good reason to reach for the sturmNuss knickers. Pair these with the Assos rainBooties, rainCap and rS.sturmPrinz jacket for pure synergy and wet weather cycling nirvana.


  • 5 pattern/3 textile construction
  • Triton V1 Water proof central panels
  • Breathable/water resistant Triton V2 4-way stretch ancillary panels
  • Siliconized rear waist band
  • Siliconized calf gripper
  • Fully taped seams
  • Assos AEPD ergonomic shape fits the body in the cycling position
  • Mandatory inclement weather garment
  • Leg protection garment that shields/protects without hindering movement
  • Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL
Reg Price $339.00
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