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Tools & Maintenance Saws and Cutting Guides

The SG-6 Threadless Saw Guide ensures a straight, clean cut on 1", 1-1/8", and 1-1 4" threadless forks. Simply clamp the SG-6 onto the fork and cut, letting the SG-6 guide the hacksaw blade. The SG-6's non scratching composite body incorporates steel threads and a steel reinforcing plate to withstand the rigors of heavy shop use. For a wider carbon-specific hacksaw blade choose the SG-8 with a wider slot. Return to Top


Average Rating:

Chris Lowe
Posted on November 12, 2003
This tool is required for cutting steer tubes. It works like a charm with only one minor problem. The slot for the saw blades is a hair too narrow for use with many of carbide saw blades required when cutting carbon steer tubes. This can be easily fixed taking the tool apart and adding a thin washer to widen the slot (downside is this may result in a slightly less straight cut when using narrower blades). Supposedly Park is in the process of redesigning this tool and hopefully they’ll address this issue in future models.