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There is no more useful transition season garment than a great set of arm warmers. The best selling Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Arm Warmers now feature PI Dry™ technology, a hydrophobic treatment that makes the fibers repel water without effecting the breathability or the feel of the fabric. This is a highly effective protection layer for fabrics that stretch such as woven or knit materials. By holding in heat, blocking most incoming air and now water, these arm warmers deliver a higher level of overall protection with no appreciable gain in weight and a minimal bump in price.

In the Fall and Spring (or any time in the mountains) many rides start and end with widely different conditions resulting in increased exposure to oncoming wind and cool air. A nice set of thermal arm warmers go a long way in keeping you comfortable and in control of your bike. The Elite Thermal Arm Warmers combine exceptional warmth, stretch, comfort and anatomically informed design for ideal fit and function. The unisex fit is also side specific: left and right, and features a wide top elastic band is plush, so it holds the silicone gripper in place without cutting off your blood supply. These arm warmers are secure and do their intended job perfectly.

The ELITE Thermal Fleece panels are laid out to follow the natural contour and muscularity of the arm and elbow. The material itself is exceptionally stretchy, and maintains its elasticity over time. The wide top gripper features light elastic with a silicone gripper for extra hold to ensure a stay-up fit that is comfortable. Now with the water protection of PI DRY, these warmers protect your arms- period. Buy them, and when you know your early morning ride will start at 50 degrees and end at 75, you will be covered and protected in all conditions, knowing you can slip off these lightweight compact thermal arm warmers, and stow them away with ease.

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  • Best-selling, updated thermal arm warmers, with exceptional fit and hold
  • Now with water-shedding PI Dry™ technology for all-weather performance
  • ELITE Thermal Fleece panels provides superior warmth, stretch, and recovery
  • Unisex size and side (left/right) specific anatomic fit and flexibility
  • Plush wide elastic binding with silicone gripper for a stay-up fit
  • Materials: 56% nylon 30% polyester 14% Lycra elastane
  • BioViz reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • Color: Black
  • Unisex sizing: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
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Average Rating:

Posted on June 16, 2018
I had a pair of old size medium Pearl Izumi arm warmers that must have been at least 10 years old. They were starting to get a little threadbare and, since they were older, had no grippers at the top so they tended to slide down. When they disappeared in the laundry I ordered a new pair, also size medium. They were much, much tighter. I could barely get them on. Exchanged for a size large, which fit about the same as the old mediums fit me. They are a little thicker material and feel not a supple, but that may just be because they are new and the old ones were so worn in (worn out?). The grippers at the top look like they will help with the sliding down problem significantly.