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Pirelli's Cross tires may carry the same name and designation as their Gravel brethren but have a different tread set-up. This Cross M Tubeless Tire was developed to be effective on a large range of surfaces from hardpack, to hard with loose, moderate firmness, and semi-soft- all whether conditions are wet or dry With Pirelli's proven tubeless ready design, you can be assured of a great seal even at low pressures thanks to the shape and function of the aramid bead. Most riders will never come close to the 72 psi max pressure rating. As you'd expect, the Cross M directional tire features a very different tread from the Cross H (hardpack) version. The central line features alternating offset shapes that allow for some speed and better base traction, while angled shoulder transition knobs feature more open space, allowing the tread to dig a little more and carrying to a 1:1 edge pattern, with one that matches the carryover from the shoulder knobs, and one that just has the basic shape for more grip and control. This is a great combination for real traction and power transfer in variable terrain, while still rolling fast enough on hardpack to keep you at the front.

To fully maximize the tread and tubeless set-up, you need to run lower pressures. That is why the combination of the flexible 127 TPI casing and TechWALL construction is crucial. The extra layer of woven nylon that runs from bead-to-bead to protect the sidewall from abrasion at low pressures but allows the supple tire to conform to mixed surfaces and off-camber terrain that are regular features of cyclocross racing. Hard surface tires can be more versatile than expected, especially on dry grass, where the spaces between the knobs offer unexpected control. Pirelli's SpeedGrip single blended rubber compound also offers the best all weather combination of low rolling resistance and grip, with durability and puncture protection.

Early season racers may well favor the Cross H as a rear option, with the Cross M (Mixed surface conditions) as a front in races where more pure bite and front wheel control are called for. For regions where where conditions from September through November are mixed, dual Cross M's might be the most versatile choice for months at a time. Pirelli understands tire construction and rubber compounding for high performance as well as any tire manufacturer and the bicycle tire line-up was developed with the specific needs of cyclists in mind, just as the Formula One and Moto GP tires are.

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  • Tubeless Ready tire developed for cyclocross racing on large range of surfaces from hardpack to moderately loose or semi-soft, and whether wet or dry
  • Directional tire with a tread pattern that can carry speed, but offers more bite and control in mixed conditions- offering more versatilty
  • Pirelli's SpeedGrip compound offers the best all weather combination of low rolling resistance and grip, with durability
  • TechWALL construction has extra layer of woven nylon that runs from bead to bead to protect the sidewall from abrasion at low pressures
  • 127 TPI casing allows the tire to shape and conform to surfaces, even off-camber
  • Aramid bead shaped and developed for tubeless seal and stability
  • Pressure range: 43-72 psi
  • Size: 700x33
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 411 grams (actual)
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