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Shimano offers a solid spectrum of disc brake pads for their current brakes that allow riders to choose the best combination of materials and features for their riding style and preferences. The bottom line for riders who desire the best combination of pad life, durability, stopping power, and heat dissipation is the J04C Metal Disc Brake Pad and Spring with Fin. Developed from Shimano's collaboration with IceTech, the J04C features the radiator fins and pad backing technology that actively cools and releases heat as you ride and brake. With this metallic pad compound, the backing plate is stainless steel instead of aluminum. Sintered metallic compounds generally offer superior wear to resin pads, and almost never chip or get damaged, making them supremely reliable. There are those who prefer the feel and stopping power of metallic pads, especially when wet and/or muddy, but resin compounds may offer better control and power in dry conditions. This is a preference issue, though there is little doubt metallic wear longer, and less doubt that they can be more prone to brake squeal.

The J04C features center mount design with pin and spring carrier that hold the pads in place. On most calipers, replacement from the top while the caliper is mounted is simple and direct. Finned pads may not be compatible with every current Shimano disc caliper, so please check the list below before selecting. One note on the metallic versus resin question. Riders who tend to sit on their brakes more may find that resin pads are not the best option. If wear is the primary concern- and this isn't just about saving money, but performance, then metallic pads may be your best choice. Pad technology and construction has improved greatly, as has disc rotor design, so with proper set-up and care, most braking systems can be relatively quiet regardless of conditions or pad compound. We recommend you try different options if you aren't sure what is best for you, and rely on your own experiences, as every rider has differing experiences on the bike. Variable such as rider weight, wheel size, how well you pick your line, trail and weather conditions, and braking process will all impact your decision making process.

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  • Pair of finned disc brake pads for specified Shimano calipers, metal compound
  • Backing plate is made from stainless steel, attached to fin plate and pad
  • Integrated fins offer air inflow as well as heat release, keeps pads as cool as possible
  • Shimano center pin and spring mount design
  • Metallic pad delivers incredible wear, predictable power and feel, in all conditions
  • Sold as a pair, with pin and spring carrier for a single caliper
  • Compatible with:
    • XTR M9000-9020, M987, M985 / Deore XT M8000, M785, M675, M666 / Deore M615
    • RS785 / Alfine S700/R785 / R515 / CX75 / R315
  • Weight: 50 grams
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