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Campagnolo Direct Mount Brake

Campagnolo has long been first to market with new technology and components. The 2018 release of the 12-speed groupsets continues that legacy. Two things haven't changed over the years. First, Campagnolo only releases new products after a long development and engineering process that ensures they are making actual improvements and delivering performance, durability and safety. Second, availability and fulfillment can be slow. We are doing our very best to source and stock Super Record 12 and Record 12, but supply is out of our control. We must all be patient as Campagnolo and their distributors fulfill inventory on individual components that make-up these incredible new systems. If you have questions on availability / stock status or Campagnolo 12-speed, please contact us at 800.627.6664 or

Numerous frame and bike manufacturers have been offering the direct mount brake caliper system on both road race and aero only bikes for a few years. Campagnolo is on board with their non-series (essentially Record-level) Direct Mount Brakes. The 2-bolt mounting system offer several opportunities for improvement over single bolt mount caliper designs. First, the frame and fork builders can create a lighter, stiffer junction. Second the brake bodies themselves can be slimmer and more inline with the frame. That results in both better aerodynamics and stiffness- which delivers more direct force to the rim. The last advantage comes with a much easier path to 28mm tire clearance, both vertically and side to side, in favor of today's wider rims as well.

The Campy Tech Lab has worked to make new Campagnolo Direct Mount brakes that can guarantee the Campagnolo quality and performance standards. Through the self-balancing design of the 2-bolt mount system, this braking system by provides a completely symmetric and efficient brake application. In addition, the extremely stiff structure of the new Campagnolo Direct Mount brakes ensures superior stopping power, whilst the design elements take inspiration from the aerodynamics of the brake and are enhanced by improvements in the Ergopower brake levers themselves. Not only designed for pure performance, a great deal of attention was given to the design to improve ease of use and adjustment. The goal was to guarantee that the Campagnolo brake would be both easier to fit and intuitive and simple to adjust compared to any model available. That was made possible through the stiff structure positioned in the rear part of the brake, enabling rapid fitting that does not require external brake boosters, even on the weakest chainstays.

As these are Campagnolo brakes, the brake pad holders are equipped with the exclusive Campagnolo brake block insertion and removal system, and compatible with all Campy-style pads. The Direct Mount brake calipers are offered in Front and Rear options, with the rear offered in two versions: seatstay, and chainstay (under, near BB shell). These calipers are designed for Campagnolo Ergopower 12 brake levers, though we know cyclists with Ergopower 11 have successfully used them as well.


  • Road Direct Mount rim brake calipers for any series Campagnolo Ergopower 12 levers
  • Self-balancing design, delivers completely symmetric, efficient brake application
  • Extremely stiff interface, with power and aerodynamic benefits
  • Designed for ease of use and adjustment
  • Optimized to fit 28mm tires with C17, C19 rim widths
  • Brake pad holder is equipped with the exclusive Campy brake block insertion and removal system and standard Campy-style pads
  • Options: Front (fork crown), Rear (Seat stay or Chain stay)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 168 grams (Front)
Sale Price
Reg Price $210.00