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Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Computer

After three full years and many firmware updates, the flagship Garmin Edge 1000 has been replaced by the Edge 1030 GPS Computer. While not striking completely new territory- the Edge 1030 still handles all your bike computer, training, and GPS requirements, yet the Edge 1030 is packed with new features, systems, and yes, Bluetooth connectivity for sensors. One of the important things to know about Garmin is that the company has built a universe of products, software, and sharing while dominating the bike and fitness GPS computer market. With Garmin Connect, hundreds of thousands of rides, with billions of miles, countless routes, and big data have been shared across the system, and now Garmin offers you ways to tap into and utilize this wealth of information. At the same time the Edge GPS computers have played nicely with any ANT+ powermeter and sensor over the last decade. This widespread use, the user friendly interaction, superior hardware, and continual improvement bring us to the loaded, premium SUV of GPS computers, the Edge 1030.

There is so much that is new and exciting that it will be impossible to cover it all with any justice, so this will be more of a list. From hardware perspective, the touchscreen color display is a substantial 3.5". Internal battery life of the rechargeable Li-Ion unit is rated for 20 hours, and a new add-on battery pack can add 24 more hours. The physical size of the head unit is 58 x 114 x 19 mm. The new, included out front mount keeps the head unit flusher to the stem, and is also beefed up, as it is designed to have the additional battery pack mounted underneath and integrate directly with the Edge 1030. You get full connectivity capability: ANT+ / BLE / BT / WiFi including BLE sensor. The Edge 1030 head unit weighs only 123 grams. Other aspects carry over from the Edge 1000, such as button placement, IPX7 protection and the essential quarter turn mount system. To go with the 16GB of internal storage, a new, better protected SD Card slot also makes it easier and safer to add maps beyond the preloaded coverage.

The world of information sharing that Garmin has built is the Garmin Connect website, but that isn't the end of the support Garmin offers. You can download free apps and widgets from the Connect IQ™ store, and connect the Edge 1030 to WiFi for easy device software updates. Trendline™ puts the Garmin Connect information to use via the Edge 1030 to generate a ride for you, finding the best route, choosing from the roads (and trails) most traveled by your fellow cyclists. Garmin Connect Mobile Course Creator allows you to create routes from your phone and load them into the Edge 1030. The same applies to the Garmin Connect Mobile Workout Creator. Rider to Rider messaging allows you to send and receive pre-set messages to other connected Edge 1030 users. Garmin preloads the new Strava Routes Connect IQ App, TrainingPeaks, and Best Bike Split Connect IQ apps. You also get Real-time Strava Segment listings in coordination with your phone so you can see the info on head unit. All of this allows you to take advantage of new FirstBeat Recovery and Training Status metrics.

Again, we are just scratching the surface. Many Garmin Edge users will love the completely re-designed user interface via the highly, and much more easily customized dashboard system that features larger, bolder graphic options and seemingly endless set-up options. Of course you get smart notifications, Incident Detection, Group Track, Weather Alerts, and the ever popular and always improving Live Track system. Memory wise, you can store 100 course options, 200 waypoints or favorites, and 200 hours of data history.

Really, the Edge 1030 checks every box on the Garmin features list. The unit is fully compatible with the Garmin VIRB camera, Varia Radar / Lighting systems, Vector power meter pedals, and displays detailed power data from compatible third-party ANT+™-enabled powermeters. One of main reasons user chose the Edge 1000 was the full GPS/Glonass capabilities with full color on-screen mapping, turn-by-turn directions, re-routing capabilities and so forth. The Edge 1030 carries that full suite forward, and with the larger screen, improves on it. This is as complete a GPS bike computer as there has ever been, with room for improvement via easy firmware updates, and incredible overall capability. If you are looking at the Garmin Edge 1030, and trying to decide if upgrading from your Edge 1000 or Edge 820, or anything else is truly worth it, you need only go back over the new features, hardware, connectivity, battery pack option, and massively improved user interface of the Edge 1030, and see how much more you can do, share, and experience with this impressive step forward from Garmin.


  • Comprehensive step forward from the leader in cycling GPS and training computers
  • Tech: GPS/Glonass/barometric altimeter, accelerometer
  • Connectivity: ANT+ / BLE / BT / WiFi including BLE sensor
  • Use Garmin Connect and Connect IQ app for comprehensive support, sharing, user interface options, 3rd party connectivity
  • 3.5” color touchscreen, with two physical buttons on bottom edge
  • Storage/Maps: 16 GB plus microSD, 200 hours, 200 waypoints- etc, 100 courses, pre-installed basemap
  • Fully redesigned customizable dashboard interface and set-up
  • Comprehensive bike, training and power metrics, FIT files
  • Connected capability: Upload, LiveTrack, weather, notifications, incident detection, GroupTrack, audio prompts, rider to rider messaging
  • Advanced power tracking and on screen metrics with ANT+ Powermeters
  • Dimensions: 58 x 114 x 19 mm overall, 88.9 mm screen, 282 x 470 pixel resolution
  • USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 20 hours run time, optional direct connect battery pack adds 24 hours
  • New out front mount sits flatter (more aero), keeps head unit flusher, and has been designed for direct under mount and connection of the optional external battery pack
  • Includes: head unit, new out front mount, stem mount and extra fittings, shims, tether cord, USB cable, Quick Start Manual
  • Color: White/Black
  • Weight: 123 grams (head unit)

Note: with the 4/2019 release of the 530/830 units, the Edge 1030 received a major update to gain features from those units. Simply keep your firmware updated for all features.

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