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Castelli LW 2 Bib Tights

Depending on where you live, there are plenty of times you want the full protection of a bib tight, but not a heavy weight thermal option. The Castelli LW (Light Winter) 2 Bib Tights fill the gap between a 3/4 knicker and full-on warm bib tight. For the upper portion Castelli builds this peice to Team Ineos specifications with the thermal Thermoflex fabric that keeps your thighs and intimate parts warm, and then combines below knee height with the thinner non-brushed water-repelling Lycra Nanoflex Light to the lower legs. You get the blocking and splash protection you desire, but not full thermal properties. The overall effect is a nicely balanced cycling garment that truly bridges the kncker and full thermal bib tight in an innovative and functionally effective way.

As far as fit and design, the assertive anatomic cut is taken from the Free Aero Race Bibshort, Castelli's top race bib as used by Team Ineos. In other words, it favors an aggressive posture and if in doubt or on the cusp, we recommend you size up. Both the Thermoflex and Nanoflex Light fabrics stretch, but you want this this to be appropriate, not overextended or you won&t be able to maximize the fabric properties. The upper features a mesh version of the Thermoflex to both feel soft against the skin but wicking away excess moisture. The fine muscles of the lower back, external and lower abdominals get warmth and support, but again, it breathes quite well to prevent overheating and to keep you as dry as possible.

The seat pad is Castelli's best option for long, hard, cold rides, the Progetto X2 Air Seamless. The pad is a great all-weather option because it is highly breathable, keeping your drier and warmer while providing effective loft and and zero seams for long-distance and extreme conditions comfort. It also is shaped for an aggressive posture, so the padding and protection are in the proper location for riding low on the tops or reaching down into the drops. Down at the ankle Castelli opted for a wide elastic cuff gripper over a zip design. The stretch of the material allows for fairly easy on/off and clean interaction with a bootie.

Perhaps the best way to think about the Castelli LW 2 Bib Tight is as a mid-weight bib knicker with full leg protection, which is lighter and thinner below the knee, with water protection. It is an interesting concept and if you ride on cooler shoulder season days when the roads start off wet, it will be an ideal piece. Even if you get caught out, the thermal properties will keep you comfortable enough to finish out your ride and get home. Some might think the LW is a niche concept, but if you live on either coast you will likely see it as perfect bib tight for real training when others are sorting Halloween or Easter candy, and find you ride in it more than enough to justify having it on hand.


  • Light winter cool-weather hybrid bib tight for when you don't want full thermals
  • Thermoflex upper portion, Nanoflex Light fabric below the knee
  • Anatomic cut taken from the Free Aero Race Bibshort, Castelli's top race bib as used by Team Ineos
  • Lower leg is non-brushed to prevent overheating yet features a water-repellent finish to protect from road spray
  • Excellent overall breathability for high output efforts
  • Simple, effective wide elastic leg opening
  • Progetto X2 Air Seamless pad for comfort, breathabiity; effective, non-bulky padding
  • Optimal for temps 50°-65°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 262 grams (Medium)
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