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Ritchey Superlogic Carbon C260 1 1/4 inch Stem

To make the C260 Alloy stem even stiffer, Ritchey adds Matrix carbon-alloy technology for a performance upgrade. The upgrade means the stem has a 3D forged 7050 alloy core that is encased in high-modulus carbon fiber. Imagine taking a standard 4-Axis stem that has been pared down to a super thin thickness then wrapping it in carbon fiber. You basically have a thin 4-Axis core with a thicker carbon contain/layer enveloping it. Very clever design that works. It improves fatigue strength over the alloy version of this stem (admittedly not an actual problem), but more importantly and relevant is the fact it makes the stem-bar much stiffer and provides a reduction of fatigue from road vibration.

The Carbon Matrix C260 stem creates a more secure bar-stem interface by wrapping 260 degrees over the handlebar. Many bars will require side entry from a smaller diameter, and others will require the bar be bare- at least on one side. If the tape and shifter are removed, even virtually all wing bars can be positioned properly. Ritchey aligns the bolt clamping force with the clamp so the body of the stem cradles or actually embraces the handle bar. The C260 uses premium cromo M4 steel bolts that use a standard 4mm hex (Allen) wrench. There are three offsetting bolts used on the steerer tube for standout strength and protection.

Like most Ritchey stems, the Carbon C260 Matrix features graphics that work both when the stem is in the up position or in the more common lower position. The size of the stem is discreetly printed by the handlebar. In case you are wondering, the difference in handlebar height on a 110mm 84 degree stem when you flip it is a little over 2cm. Other details include a wide 42mm faceplate for security and stiffness. The finish is Matte UD, black finish that cosmetically works so well on all bikes. If you are a sprinter or larger rider who desires maximum stiffness and safety from two part bar-stem systems, start with the C260 design.


  • Carbon-alloy Matrix body body is lightweight, stiff, and resists torsion
  • 3D forged 7075 aluminum with a stiffness-enhancing carbon exoskeleton
  • 260 degree Press-fit clamp design installs and removes like a standard stem
  • C260 design requires bars be mounted from a narrower section
  • Many of today's winged/shaped bars require bar be stripped on on side to install
  • 4mm Hex coated CrMo steel bolts
  • 5 Nm torque max on all hardware
  • Compatible with 31.8 bars and 1-1/8" steerers
  • Stack height and faceplate width - both 42mm
  • 84° angle, +/- 6 degrees
  • Select length
  • Actual weight: 116 grams (110mm)


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