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Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar Tail Light Bundle

If you want the added safety and capability of Garmin's RTL510 Radar / Tail Light system, but either don't have a compatible head unit / smartwatch or simply prefer a dedicated visual reference, this Varia RTL510 Radar Tail Light Bundle is the way to go, as it includes the Varia Display for your handlebar or stem.

Garmin's original Varia radar and light system was well received, though perhaps a touch more complicated than some would prefer. With the Varia RTL510 Radar Tail Light you get a more streamlined, integrated system that is easier to use and mount. The Varia provides visual and audible alerts to warn of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away, and has functional tail light capability that offers daylight visibility up to a mile away and is visible within a 220° range, so drivers can see you well before the radar sees the vehicle. Combined in a single unit, the Varia RTL510 is truly a step forwards in functional safety for cyclists who prefer to be informed what is going on behind them, yet find mirrors less reliable- and more importantly a distraction from keeping your eyes on the road ahead. Of course you do need to have this bundle's wireless, dedicated radar display unit, or Garmin devices with the ANT+ Varia control option. As many of you have such a head unit or smartwatch, you are good to go and can consider the RTL510-only option.

This RTL510 Radar Tail Light Bundle has your back. When out on a ride, you have to keep track of everything: anything in front of you, your route, how far are you going, how fast and how hard are you going to push it, your fellow cyclists. With a Garmin Varia radar along for the ride, it’s like having eyes in the back of your helmet. It’s essentially an early warning system so you "see" cars approaching from behind, and they see you. The clean and ubiquitous nature of the displayed information is the key. The Varia RTL510 rearview radar is just one part of cycling awareness, but the one you can't do for yourself. The system helps to create a safer riding environment by alerting riders to vehicles approaching from behind. On your display- Green light? All good. Amber light? A vehicle is approaching. Red light? Take caution — a vehicle is approaching at high speeds. Who isn't familiar with that system? Right, virtually no one. High tech safety made simple to track and identify. Isn't that what we all want? Now you can keep your eyes up and looking ahead, where they belong.


  • Bundled, integrated Varia rear facing radar / taillight to increase overall rider safety with Varia Display
  • Requires the included dedicated radar display unit or can be wirelessly integrated with compatible Garmin devices (sold separately - see list below)
  • Provides visual and audible alerts to warn of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away
  • Tail light offers daylight visibility up to a mile away and is visible within a 220° range, so drivers can see you well before the radar sees the vehicle
  • Sleek vertical design easily mounts to most road-use bicycles, including racing, touring and commuter styles
  • Communication protocol: ANT+
  • Dimensions: 3.9” x 0.8” x 1.6" (98.6 x 19.7 x 39.6 mm)
  • Weight: 2.5 oz (71.0 g)
  • Lighting modes: solid, night flash, day flash
  • Lumens: 20 solid, 29 night flash, 65 day flash
  • Battery life: 6 hours solid, 6 hours night flash, 15 hours day flash
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Radar viewing angle: 220°
  • Includes: RTL-510, Wedge/Mount/Band system kit (1/4 turn style) for all seatposts, Varia Display w/ 1/4 turn mounting pads/straps for bar/stem, USB charging cables
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.5 oz (71.0 g) RTL510 only

  • Compatible Garmin devices (as of October 2018):
    • D2 Delta, D2 Delta PX, D2 Delta PX, D2 Delta S
    • Edge 1000, Edge 1030
    • Edge Explore 1000, Edge Explore 820
    • Edge 820, Edge 810
    • Edge 520 Plus, Edge 520 Plus
    • Edge 520, Edge 510
    • Edge 130, Edge 25
    • fenix 5X Plus, fenix 5X
    • fenix 5S Plus, fenix 5S
    • fenix 5 Plus, fenix 5
    • fenix Chronos
    • Forerunner 935, Forerunner 735XT
    • tactix Charlie
    • Varia Vision In-sight Display
    • vívoactive 3
    • vívoactive HR

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