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Continental X King ProTection Tire

The Continental X King ProTection is on the short list of many XC and All Mountain riders for good reason. It is super-fast thanks to medium height lugs and the revered BlackChili rubber compound. The lugs deliver a surprisingly tacky grip for a tire that rolls so smooth and fast. It is pretty much self cleaning thanks to the wide spacing of the lugs, which means shallow mud is no problem

Thanks to the venerable Continental ProTection casing, durability in the field is amazing. The extra all-round puncture protection layer renders the casing especially durable and resists sidewall blowouts sharp rocks can dish out, yet remains supple; consistently. This is because the ProTection belt extends under the tread and through the sidewall. This especially important when running lower pressures in a tubeless set-up. This X King features the Revolution Tubeless Ready bead so it can easily be run tubeless. Just add sealant so that small punctures won't delay your ride or ruin your race.

Continental's BlackChili compound ensures that the X King has exceptionally low rolling resistance, yet offers phenomenal grip in wet or dry circumstances. With proprietary synthetic and natural rubber compounds, the secret to the properties of BlackChili comes from special nanometric carbon soot particles, which are optimized in shape and surface properties for each tire it is used in. In the X-King, emphasis was put on speed and directional grip, matching it's more race-oriented design, but many trail riders will match an X King with a better all-around front tire, like the Mountain King in a 2.4 size. We see this quite a bit, especially on 29er hardtails with a rigid fork, but almost as much on 100mm travel hardtail or FS bikes. Let X King be your X-factor the next time out.


  • XC race oriented, weight competitive, tubeless ready tire for fast condtions
  • BlackChili compound delivers very low rolling resistance, durability, excellent grip
  • 4 ply 240 tpi ProTection casing protects from abrasion, penetration, and wear
  • Revolution Tubeless Ready for quick, easy tubeless set-up
  • Fast, high grip and excellent self-cleaning tread design
  • Dense central tread provides smooth rolling; raised outer knobs provide traction
  • Recommended psi range: 50-65
  • Weight: 27.5x2.2 620g, 27.5x2.4 715g, 29x2.2 655g, 29.2x2.4 760g
  • Handmade in Korbach, Germany
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