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Zipp 11 Speed Conversion Kit

Zipp 188 Black and Falcon Gray rear hubs can be converted to the SRAM/Shimano 11 speed freehub using this kit. Silver Zipp 188 hubs and Zipp 182 hubs cannot be converted with this kit nor is there a kit for their conversion. To install the kit your need the following: 4 sided spoke wrench, high quality metal spoke holding tool, truing stand, wheel dishing gauge, spoke tension gauge, Zipp Freehub Grease and a 2mm Allen. This kit does include the 1.8mm cassette spacer needed to use a 10-speed cassette.

There are a few critical steps to install the kit that your Zipp certified expert will follow including re-dishing the wheel and checking for a uniform drive side spoke tension between 95-105kg. When dealing with tightening and loosening nipples on bladed spokes, place spoke holding tool as close as possible to the nipple to reduce the possibility of twisting the spoke. Also ensure the spoke wrench is fully engaged to reduce the possibility of rounding the nipple. You will want to work in quarter turns only.


  • Kit includes axle, freehub body, spacer, dust cap, threaded end cap, 11/10 spacer
  • Converts Zipp 188 Black and Falcon Gray rear hubs only
  • Requires re-dishing rear wheel by a Zipp certified wheel technician
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