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Zipp 404 Firecrest Clincher Rear Wheel 2013

The Zipp 404 Firescrest Carbon Clincher is getting rave reviews thanks to its Firecrest® rim shape that increases aerodynamics, stability in crosswinds, brake performance and strength all at the same time. Zipp's 404 has been their perennial best seller because it hits the sweet spot in terms of aerodynamic benefit of the 58mm section rim at a low weight. This latest version is compatible with cassettes of up to 11-speed to work with all modern drivetrains. A black hub, spokes and Beyond Black decals delivers a style update that takes it to the next level.

By controlling airflow around the back half of the wheel with a wider, blunted edge, Zipp made the Firecrest 404 nine seconds faster than its predecessor over 40km at a moderate 10-degree wind angle. At higher wind angles, the improvements are even more dramatic in terms of both speed and stability. That's because Firecrest moves the center of pressure closer to the steering axis, so crosswinds exert lower side force on the wheel. A quick peek at Zipp's drag comparison chart confirms no other wheel cuts through crosswinds as effectively as the 404 Firecrest.

Other benefits of the new rim shape include better lateral stiffness for improved acceleration and a more solid feeling when cornering. The rim's composite structure is designed to absorb impacts by flexing slightly outward - which gives you a comfortable ride and long-term durability.

The Zipp 404 is built with Zipp's VCLC system, which uses a shock-absorbing material to reduce vibration by 10%. The VCLC system also helps your wheels stay glued to the pavement under all conditions. To complete the package, a Zipp 188 hub features a 17mm axle for high strength and super-round Swiss-made, stainless steel cartridge bearing for low friction. Select Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo.


  • 805 grams
  • Firecrest rim shape
  • 58mm deep rim section
  • Max rider weight 250 lbs
  • Includes skewer brake pads and valve extender
  • Zipp 188 hub with a 17mm axle for high strength
  • Dimples provide advanced boundary layer control
  • Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control for vibration control
  • 20 Sapim CX-Ray stainless steel ovalized spokes laced radial, 2x

The Zipp 404 Firecrest has a 250 pound rider weight limit and a 125psi tire pressure limit

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