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Oakley ARO7 Helmet

Engineered for aerodynamics and inspired by the lines and curves of race cars, the sleek and well ventilated Oakley ARO7 is the helmet of choice for time trials and triathlon races. The well researched and wind tunnel and real world tested short-tailed design gives the rider the freedom to move their head around without a significant aerodynamics penalty and is actually more efficient than older long tail shapes. The lightweight, aerodynamic polycarbonate shell not only becomes the foil for airflow but of course protects the impact absorbing EPS foam. Oakley's commitment to athletes safety means the ARO7 is also equipped with the MIPS protection liner, which reduces the sheering forces of angled impacts that are so dangerous to brain integrity.

The ventilation system is also reminiscent of a race car as well, with subtle cowling-style intakes that allow air in to circulate quietly and efficiently before exiting, all with minimal negative aero impact. If you're Oakley you have to design the ARO7 with an optimized visor system, no? Featuring two large Plutonite visors (Prizmā„¢ Road & Clear) for expanded field of view and color contrast enhancement, these large lenses feature all of the great technology Oakley has to develop the best optics in sport eyewear. The visor set-up has a magnetic mount system, which not only holds the unit in place, but also allows the rider to flip it for storage.

As with the ARO3 and 5, the BOA FS1-1 360-degree Fit System is employed for truly dialing in a secure and comfortable fit with easy and quick capability for micro-adjustments. An anti-microbial, X-Static brow pad set-up is washable, has just the right amount of padding and feels soft on the skin. Oakley uses a FidLock magnetic buckle system for connecting the adjustable flat straps.

The ARO series helmets have placed Oakley as a serious competitor to the major helmet manufacturers for race helmets and the ARO7 sets the pace for races against the clock and the top triathlon courses around the world so it is only fitting that they supply a zippered, molded helmet carrying case to protect your ARO7 no matter your means of transport.


  • Sleek, rounded Aero helmet for TT/Tri inspired by race car design
  • Short-tailed design gives the rider the freedom to move their head around without a significant aerodynamics penalty
  • Researched and tested shell design has proven more aero than long tail designs in real world application and the wind tunnel with oncoming and yaw angle airflow
  • MIPS Brain Protection System, Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell, EPS foam
  • Magnetic visor attachment with upside-down magnetic stowability.
  • 2 Plutonite Visors included w/ Micro Bag: Prizm Road & Clear
  • BOA FS1-1 360-degree Fit System
  • Anit-microbial, X-Static brow padding
  • Fidlock Magnetic strap buckle closure
  • Sizes: Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black, White
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