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Fizik Antares R3 Open k:ium Saddle

Fizik has moved from saddles without channels, to options with recessed channels, and now to saddles with Open channels. These options have been well received and simply open up the shapes and styles of Fizik's innovative Spin Concept EVO fit system to more cyclists. This system works off of rider Spine Flexibility and Pelvic Rotation. The Chameleon is considered the fit for Medium body flexibility and low pelvic rotation during pedaling, which means the saddle should be between flat and curved. The Antares saddle falls into the Chameleon category, and is our best selling Fizik model. It is a "middle of the road" saddle so it fits a large portion of the cycling public. Does that mean you will like the shape or design? No necessarily, but if you want to ride a new saddle, the Antares is a great place to start, and it is one the reasons it has become popular as an OEM saddle for several bike manufacturers. No with the Open channel design you can still have the semi firm Antares build and overall shape, but with a relief zone that also allows for airflow from under the saddle.

Fizik applies the anatomic cut-out shape and advanced technology, materials and craft, to produce a high quality saddle with their famously resilient and forgiving 7mm round Kium rails. Antares R3 Open comes in two widths, Regular at 142mm and Large at 153mm for even more fit and comfort opportunity. The shell is a stiffer, but somewhat forgiving Carbon composite reinforced Nylon. The use of the Open channel in the Antares design means there is no WingFlex system- as the shell must stiff enough around the opening for long term durability. Generating pedaling power from a seated position is optimal, with the quickly tapering rear wings of the saddle providing a structure to push against. The 276mm length allows you to move forward as necessary for those high output, short duration moves within the peloton. the compact, but highly effective Comfort Core foam layer beneath the neat, durable Microtex cover provides comfort, which is enhanced by the full anatomic cut-out that avoids pressure on the rider’s sensitive soft tissue and ensures that all weight is correctly supported across the whole surface of the saddle.

Many Antares riders tried the Versus (recessed channel) design but found the saddle to be too soft. Now with the Open channel design and properly padded structure, you can have the support, comfort, and pressure relief you desire, in a performance road saddle that weighs in just over 200 grams (Regular) for very day use across the spectrum of your stable of bikes.


  • Firm, flat saddle with Open channel, median tail width, narrow nose and throat
  • Ergonomic Open cutaway to reduce central pressure zone
  • Shell is carbon reinforced Nylon
  • Fizik Spine Concept EVO: Made for Chameleon
  • For cyclists with medium body flexibility, low pelvic rotation while pedaling
  • Microtex synthetic cover is durable, water proof, and easy to clean
  • Comfort Core foam layer evenly distributes pressure from weight
  • 7mm round Kium alloy rails are light, resilient
  • ICS accessory compatible rear mount
  • Colors: Black
  • Length: 276mm
  • Size options: Regular 142mm wide, Large 153mm wide
  • Weight: 215 grams (142mm), 220 grams (153mm)