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Third Eye Bar End Mirror

For cyclists who feel safer knowing what's behind by using a mirror, there aren't many effective options. Yes, there are many mirrors, but most are to small, and road vibration ensures they are even less usable. The Third Eye Bar End Mirror at least offers a viable, round mirrored glass surface that can be angled to your satisfaction and offers a larger enough viewing area for safety purposes. The conversation about mirrors starts and ends with how long you have to look at it to accurately gauge what is happening behind you. Remember, if your attention is behind you, that means you aren't looking ahead of you, your number one threat zone on the bike. A seam in the road, debris, glass, a pedestrian or a squirrel- any of these can take you down.

The Third Eye Bar End Mirror allows you take a shorter glance, with clearer results. As stated in the product name, it is designed to mount into the end of a handlebar. It works best with flat or riser handlebars, but many road riders feel it is still effective in the bar end of a drop bar. That likely is determined by the sight line you have to the bar end. The expanding rubber wedge system makes the Bar End Mirror safe for carbon, aluminum or steel bars of virtually all current internal diameters. The rear pivot is offset on the mirror frame so you can set the best angle, while maintaining a compact position to the bar.


  • US made, bar end glass mirror of compact length, adequate size and angle adjustment
  • Uses rubber expanding wedge system to secure within bar end, 2 sets included
  • Safe for carbon, aluminum, steel handlebars of virtually all current ID
  • Rear pivot point at edge of mirror for optimal angle set
  • Mirror surface is flat, not convex, and is just over 3" in diameter
  • Color: Black
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