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Ritchey Break-Away Road Frameset

Ritchey's famous Road Logic frameset established standards for performance steel road bikes. The geometry and ride had to be responsive and properly balanced for rider weight distribution and ideal handling. The lateral stiffness was there, but not a huge priority, as there was a springy feeling that contributed a fluid propulsion and pedal response. When Tom Ritchey developed the Break-Away system for convenient travel, those Road Logic characteristics had to shine through despite the coupled design, and it sure did. Though the geometry has gotten more forgiving, the same ride qualities are here, truly representative of the best feature that steel road bikes promise. When you travel around the world you come across roads with rough pavement, packed dirt, cobblestones, and even some smooth pavement or concrete. Having a travel bike that is easy to manage, with a forgiving, fun ride ensures a fantastic travel experience.

The Ritchey Break-Away Road Frameset makes it easy to travel with a full-size bike that rides just like a regular road bike. It features a patented system that is lighter, requires no special tools and faster to use than other travel bike systems. The Break-Away packs into the included 8.5" W x 26.5"H x 31"L wheeled travel case. Ritchey does not guarantee what the airlines will charge, but many accept the case as standard luggage and most builds will easily end up packed at well under 50lbs. The major advantage of having your own travel bike, and not renting, is that you can enjoy your ideal bike fit and familiar, ride and equipment without dealing with the inconsistencies and challenges of renting.

Ritchey is famous for the heat-treated and triple-butted Ritchey Logic tubeset that is the foundation of the Break-Away Road. The investment cast lugs of the seattube/totptube junction and Cro-moly compression coupling by the bottom bracket are the keys to the Break-Away design. The lugs securely grip the seatpost in two places and join the upper portion of main triangle to the rear. On the downtube, nearly at the bottom bracket shell, a formed compression coupling joins the tubeset in the lower connection for the front and rear triangles. The very simple coupler clamps unobtrusively around small flanges on the downtube and creates a joint that truly results in stiffness that feels like the Road Logic.

This simple and effective design only adds 100 grams to the frame. Only a 4mm and 5mm Hex wrench and the removal of two bolts are required to take apart or assemble the frame. Cables are separated with supplied easy to use cable splitters. Ritchey includes a preset Torque-Key and full necessary complement of derailleur and brake cable splitters, along with the compression coupling, plus a spare (the joint doesn't wear, but the coupling can fatigue over time). The frame and 1⅛ WCS full carbon fork are built for a simple drop-in headset, WCS Zero supplied, You supply the group and wheels of your choice. Max tire size on today's moderately wide road rims is generally 700x28-30, but tire manufacturer variation and actual rim width will determine.

This is a true road bike, with a nod to the modern and the classic, with a simplicity and durability you will appreciate as you travel, and a ride quality that will leave you with satisfied grin on your face all day long.


  • Full size steel road bike frame that can be split apart into a travel case
  • Modern touches like taller head tube, slight toptube slope, fork rake
  • Classic steel frame ride quality and feel, with responsive handling
  • Patented locking compression coupling system is simple and easy to use
  • Ritchey heat treated, Cro-moly triple butted steel tubing, investment cast lugs
  • External cable routing, downtube/seattube bottle cage bosses, integrated headtube for Zero drop-in headset
  • Requires 28.6mm front derailleur clamp, 27.2x350mm+ seatpost
  • Includes reusable padded nylon packing protection kit
  • Includes wheeled Travel case with all packing materials, 1 1/8" WCS Carbon fork/steerer, WCS Zero drop -in headset, cable splitters, Torque-Key
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: Black/Tan
  • Frameset weight: 5.2lbs (Large/56 frame and fork)
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Ritchey Geometry Chart

Break-Away Road Frameset Geometry
SizeEffective TT LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach
Break-Away Carbon Road Frameset Geometry
SizeEffective TT LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach
Break-Away Carbon Outback Frameset Geometry
SizeEffective TT LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach
Steel Outback, Outback Break-Away Frameset Geometry
Size Effective TT LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
Swiss Cross 2.0 Canti Frameset Geometry
Size Effective TT LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
Road Logic Disc Frameset Geometry
SizeEffective TT LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach
Road Logic Frameset Geometry
SizeEffective TT LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach