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Park Tool CT-6.3 Folding Chain Tool

A fully functional folding chain tool is worth it's weight in gold when you are miles from assistance, or with the trends of today, perhaps from society itself. The best, most comprehensive such tool is the Park Tool CT-6.3 from Park Tool. The design is easily carried in a pack or medium saddle bag with your other important items. It is compatible with 1/8” single-speed and 5 to 12-speed derailleur chains, including Campagnolo 11 speed, thanks to the peening anvil required by the Italian-made chain to safely widen the pin end relative to the chain plate. That anvil device pivots out of the way not in use, in towards tool when folding tool together.

The cast steel tool body folds into a stainless steel case. One half of the case becomes the fixed handle, while the other becomes your leverage device for driving pins. As with most Park Chain tools, the drive pin is replaceable (Park part # 985-1), so this is a tool you can accurately use for years. When folded up the CT 6.3 measures just 2.8" x 0.8" x 0.85". if you are most cyclists you create time to meet up with friends for long trail, road, or adventure type rides. Given the variety of drivetrain choices on the market, it is possible that four riders could have different manufacturer's equipment or generations, which means someone needs to be carrying the one tool to fix all chains. Even if you carry quick links, you still may need to drive pins. Be the hero and pack the Park Tool CT-6.3 Folding Chain Tool.


  • Fully functional folding chain tool with greatest range of use in compact design
  • Compatible with 1/8” single-speed and 5 to 12-speed derailleur chains, including Campagnolo 11 speed (has fold away Campy peening anvil)
  • Cast steel tool body with stainless steel case that doubles as handles
  • Folded dimensions: 2.8" x 0.8" x 0.85" (72mm x 20mm x 22mm)
  • Drive pin is replaceable (Park part # 985-1)