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Feedback Sports Classic Work Stand

Our best selling work stand over the last decade has been the Feedback Sports Classic Work Stand. While it shares heritage, design standards, and pure functionality with the excellent Feedback Sport Mechanic stand, the Classic is more refined yet lighter and stronger. As with all Feedback Sports work stands, the collapsible tripod design allows for exceptional stability on a variety of surfaces, while still folding up for compact storage or transport. The height is easily adjustable via simple one-hand clamping knob, even under load, and the head unit rotates 360 degrees independent of any other action.

The signature red anodized aluminum of the Classic Work Stand is found throughout the professional series products. The extruded aluminum is shaped for incredible strength to weight and is resilient to impact. The anodized finish resists scratching. The clamps are simple, cam-style units that can be managed with one hand, and tighten securely when closed. Overall functionality is superb, and simple. How stable is the tripod base? With a 54 inch max spread, and capable of coping with uneven ground, it is exceptionally stable. Durable rubber feet protect the legs ends and floor surfaces. The aluminum tubes support an amazing 85lbs of weight at effective working heights from 42 to 71 inches from the ground. Balance tip: always position your clamping unit so that the center of the bike's weight is over a fully extended leg. If the specifications don't amaze you, know that the weight of the stand is 11.1lbs!

Despite all that goodness, the defining characteristic of the Classic is the Slide-Lock clamping mechanism. This elegantly simple-to-use design automatically adjusts to tube shapes and sizes. Simply slide the clamp onto the tube, then twist and lock for a secure fit. To release, reverse the process. The 8 point V-Block contact jaw system features a high grip urethane covering called Texin, which covers the stiff and strong extruded aluminum clamps. When clamped the structural and and finish integrity of your bike or post is fully protected. Tip- regularly wipe down the clamp surface to remove and grease or dirt. The clamps open to nearly 2 inches making it easy to find a safe clamping surface.

For many of us here at Excel, the Feedback Sports Classic Work Stand changed the game. Wonderfully light with incredible ease of use. The 360 degree clamp rotation, the high-grade materials. The impeccable clamping mechanism that appeared just as carbon began to overwhelm the bike industry. The pure portability and ease of use in any environment. Everything. This stand has won many awards and dominated Best-of lists, and it continues to set the standard. We can't endorse it more strongly, and if you buy one, make sure you also order the padded storage/travel bag. You won't regret it, and you will be hauling this stand with you everywhere. Just because.


  • High quality, portable, foldable, tripod style work stand with Slide-Lock clamp
  • Height adjustable clamp from 42 to 71 inches
  • Easy to open, set-up, and adjust
  • Extruded aluminum construction, with anodized red finish
  • 20% Glass-filled Polycarbonate composite tripod fittings are incredibly strong/stiff
  • Industry-first conical head torque-amplifying clutch for fast, easy, and secure 360-degree bike positioning
  • Exclusive Slide-Lock clamp automatically adjusts to different tube sizes quickly
  • High grip/durability Texin - Urethane covered extruded aluminum 3.25 inch jaws
  • Opposing Force 8-point V-Block contact jaw design securely grips tubing
  • Clamp range: .75 – 1.9 inches
  • 440c Stainless Steel clamp screw
  • Base diameter: 54 inches at full open
  • Folded size: 5.0x6.5x45 inches
  • Load capacity: 85lbs
  • Weight: 11.1 lbs

Please note: Padded storage/transport bag sold separately.

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Posted on 2/2/2010 2:06:05 PM

It is hands down the finest portable work stand available. I’ve had mine since they first came out over 10 years ago and it’s still going strong despite numerous airplane flights. The Pro model is definitely aimed at professional event/race mechanics. The difference between this and the Consumer model are jaws that open and close quicker (handy if you have a long line of people waiting for service) and the use of screws instead of rivets for construction (handy if you have to turn over the stand to baggage handlers). If you don’t plan to work in a race/event setting or travel frequently with your stand get the Consumer model. Both models are stable enough for serious wrenching such as loosening stuck bottom brackets. This by far the most stable stand made, especially when you have to work outdoors on uneven terrain. Both models fold up small enough to tuck away in a closet or under a bed.


Posted on 2/21/2007 2:05:37 PM

When it comes to tools, Park is the best for working on your bike. When it come to portable bike stands, Ultimate is the best. Super sturdy base, compact folding design and easy operation makes this stand a great addition to your home workshop. Better yet, Feedback Sports now offers a wheel truing stand for use in conjunction with their repair stands - another useful tool for proper maintenance of your bikes.