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Wippermann ConneX 11S0 11 Speed Chain

Wippermann ConneX chains and their reusable ConneX links have been a favored replacement for OE chains for many years. The 11SO 11 Speed Chain is a steel ConneX chain that offers 11-speed compatibility for both mountain and road use, and solid durability at a fair price. The German company has been making bicycle chains since 1893, and years of evolution and experience delivers a plate geometry that works with all major 11-speed drivetrain systems. The precision of the machining and construction can be felt right out of the box. While the Wippermann will flex as a chain should, it never feels loose or sloppy. The chain pins are driven into place with an incredible degree of accuracy, and each side plate of the 118 links is identical.

The 11-speed specific ConneX link carries on the tradition as most reliable in the industry. The link is easy to install by hand, and Wippermann provides a detailed photo description on how to do it in the box, and online. Removal is also designed to be tool free, in the shop or on the road. Simple practice at install will make field action much less stressful. The ConneX link can be used as many times as you would like over the life of a chain. We recommend using a new link every time you install a new chain, but even with repeated removal an installation during chain cleanings the link is perfectly safe to use.

Shifting performance is generally considered to be top notch, and while Wippermann chains generally have a different sound than an original equipment chain, when properly lubricated the overall chain noise level is about the same. There are many factors in chain life, but in general steadfast Wippermann users find prolonged chain and cassette life. The 11SO 11-Speed chain is has a pin length of 5.60mm, and the full chain and link weight is 270 grams for this steel version. While Wippermann's stainless steel chains provide improved corrosion resistance, the standard steel version is no slouch, often an improvement over OE chains. If you need a replacement chain for your 11-speed drive, and just aren't happy with your standard chain, or want the ease and reliability of the ConneX link, step up to the Wippermann ConneX 11S0 11 Speed Chain.


  • 11-Speed steel chain for road or mountain use with Connex 11s link
  • Superior shifting properties of innovative high performance plate geometry
  • Precision machined plates and rollers
  • Impeccable construction- not loose or sloppy in any way
  • ConneX link can be easily installed and removed by hand, any number of times
  • Solid wear and corrosion resistance
  • Use 11 speed chain tool to cut
  • Dimensions: 1/2" x 11/128"
  • Pin length: 5.60mm, roller width 2.20mm
  • 118 Links with Connex link
  • Weight: 270 grams

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