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Stans NoTubes Crest MK3 Rim

The third generation ZTR Crest MK3 rim from NoTubes is a full redesign. The folks at Stan's NoTubes applied a series of changes throughout their rim line-up with three goals: make rim wider to better serve the tire sizes preferred by riders these days, make the rim stronger, and make it lighter. For the ZTR Crest MK3 the final iteration delivered an XC rim with a 23mm internal width (about 2mm wider), 16 grams lighter (in the 29er version), and a more durable alloy rim due to the material used and it's fully extruded shape. The attending increase in lateral stiffness and overall performance will be noticed by those stepping up from the second generation Crest. Of course the rim also carries the proven NoTubes BST tubeless bed design for industry-leading tubeless performance.

From a technology perspective, the ZTR Crest MK3 features a 6069 aluminum alloy that can be worked in thin walls, but takes on significant strength in shaping. While not brittle, the material is stronger and more resilient to stress from both terrain and spoke tension, ensuring longer viability and overall strength when laced into a complete wheel. Stan's move towards the wider rim allowed the engineers to increase stiffness while dropping some weight- a well-told tale in the bike industry in this age. The symmetrical drilling keeps rim stress where the engineers want it, and the Short Bead Socket Design not only provides the best tubeless interface, but also counter balances spoke tension force.

The company developed the WideRight concept to ensure that riders are selecting the proper size tires for the rim width For the Crest, truly an XC rim, the ideal range is 2.0-2.25". Gone are the days of the 1.85" XC race tires, the range hits the sweet spot. Keep in mind the 29er rim comes in at just 364 grams and when built into the standard ZTR Crest MK3 wheelset the rider weight limit is 190lbs on the sub-1600 gram build. If you need more tire and beefier rim, you go to the 453 gram Arch MK3, which is still pretty light for a rim that can carry a 2.5" tire into more real-world trail conditions.

NoTubes spec's their 25mm tubeless rim tape for the Crest MK3, as well as a 35mm valve for the 15.8mm low profile design. If you are building up a lightweight XC wheelset, but still want a highly capable rim for tubeless tire use, we know no better option than the ZTR Crest MK3. Rotational weight is low, you can ride a serious 2.25" wide tire, and the on-trail performance is fantastic. Pay close attention to the spoke tension chart, as well as max tire pressure by tire size. In building out their incredible tubeless rim line, NoTubes has truly defined the purpose, function, and specifications for each model. The ZTR Crest MK3 is the XC weapon of choice. If you have questions about hub selection or a complete build, give us a call and we can walk your through some options and even have our expert wheelbuilders create the race wheel of your dreams.


  • BST Tubeless ready XC rim that is wider, lighter, stronger and faster than ever
  • 3rd generation rim designed with WideRight philosophy for 2.0-2.25" tires
  • Rim data: Internal width 23mm, External Width 26.3mm, Depth 15.8mm
  • Disc specific rim, extruded 6069 aluminum alloy for strength, inherent lateral stiffness
  • Symmetrical rim drilling, in 28 or 32 hole
  • Max Spoke Tension: 95kgf (930N)
  • Max Pressure: with 2.0" Tire 40psi, with 2.25" Tire 38psi
  • Rider weight limit of 190lbs
  • Use 25mm Stan's tape with 35mm Presta valve
  • Options: 29" rim 28 or 32 hole
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 364 grams (29")


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