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Vittoria Cross EVO XG Tubular Cyclocross Tire

The Vittoria Cross EVO XG tubular is one of the best all conditions, all terrain tires out there. The feel, the grip, the versatility all push the EVO XC to the top of the podium. Newcomers to cyclocross often ask, do I really need to run tubular like this? The answer is no, but if you don't you are giving up serious grip and performance advantages to those that do. The sheer ability of a great cross tubular to conform to the terrain, even when the rider drives the front wheel into an off-camber corner is the difference between having slow to a snails pace, or sliding off the course, instead of sticking the corner at speed and carrying it into the next section. Over a course with dozens of such corners, the tubular rider has a huge equipment advantage. Sure, skill and fitness matter, but if you have a weapon like the EVO XG, imagine just how much more skill and fitness will take you.

The combination of a supple casing, proven tread design and a rich experience in making premium racing tubulars makes the Vittoria Cross Evo XG a go-to cross racing tubular. The classic XG tread has several center-out steps that that provide plenty of grip in a variety of conditions including loose gravel, hardpack and mild mud while still being quite fast rolling. If want one tire for all conditions, this is your tire.

Vittoria's unique 320 tpi cotton/poly/Kevlar casing is the heart and soul of the EVO XG. It is perfectly round, exceptionally supple, yet incredibly strong. This is crucial as the tire is forced to confrom and grip to multiple surfaces, at impossible angles, often at low pressure. The casing carries a flexible latex inner tube that moves and conforms naturally with the casing and makes racing pressures as low as 35 psi a reality. When combined with the 3D tread compound, born out of MTB World Cup experience, the tire functions as unified system, shaping and gripping the terrain with constant adjustment and reactivity, while providing superior traction. The optimally spaced, self-cleaning XG tread pattern is engineered to easily accommodate all conditions with ease, except extreme mud.

There are many great reasons for, and evidence of, tubular domination in cyclocross. A handful of tire companies own the podium. For decades, Vittoria has been well represented. As technology and materials have evolved, so has this Italian manufacturer. When you buy the Vittoria Cross EVO XG Tubular, you are getting the accrued knowledge and success of champions. And when you ride it, not only will your confidence soar, but so will your performance.


  • Premium level cyclocross tubular designed for all-conditions racing
  • 320 tpi casing (cotton, poly Kevlar®), excellent comfort, great strength
  • Cleverly spaced and shaped knobs make for a self-cleaning tire with excellent grip
  • Can run low inflation pressure to increase surface contact
  • Low rolling resistance on all surfaces
  • Pressure range: 35-90 psi
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 700x32
  • Weight: 390 grams
Sale Price
Reg Price $119.99


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