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Panaracer EVO Competition SX Tire

Panaracer has produced a small batch of the EVO Competition SX tire in the 25mm width. The EVO SX features low-weight, durability and the ultimate ride quality due to the use of SX tubular casing. This magical casing has a unique way of conforming to the slightest of road deformations and uneven surfaces, to provide an astonishing amount of control and comfort. Beyond performance and durability, the SX tubular casing's low weight helps accomplish an unprecedented 183 gram weight. The tubular casing is natural in color and is prepared in long spools and carefully trimmed for each tire. Combined with a low-heat molding process, each tire casing produced is perfectly round, which provides an even surface for the tread and thin protection layer. The design sheet on the EVO SX was aimed at straight-up performance, but due to the exceptional durability, we've come to think of these as everyday tires for in-season riding.

The EVO SX applies Panaracer's proprietary All Contact shape and profile technology. This profile refers to the angle of the tread from the center of the tire down to the shoulder of the tread. The concept is simple, when the tire rolls over to a lean angle, you get complete contact (All Contact). The angled tread on each side creates a point in the center of the tire for minimal rolling resistance. While this is a relatively new concept in the cycling world, it has been dominant in the world of Moto GP motorcycle racing world, where the same performance rules apply.

All Contact design works in tandem with Panaracer's ZSG dual compound tread. With ZSG, the center tread is a harder diameter for less resistance and faster rolling while the sides of the tire are a softer and more flexible compound for grip. Combine the dual compound ZSG tread with the AC profile and that's when the magic happens. Roll straight and fast, then lean the tire over for grip. Beyond performance, the ZSG tread is elastic and resilient which leads to longevity. We have found the wear times to be longer than many training tires. All tires need some form of protection from the elements and road debris. Carefully layered between the ZSG tread and SX casing is Panaracer's proprietary ProTight belt. Think of it as more of a netted sheet that has been cut into a strip that sits under the tread. ProTight serves up solid protection without diminishing the perfect ride quality of the SX casing.

The tire measures to spec, so when inflated to proper psi, the calipered width is 25mm.


  • Supple SX tubular casing
  • Flexible ProTight protection layer
  • ZSG dual compound tread
  • AC All Contact profile
  • Perfected all condition wet/dry compound
  • Available in 25mm
  • 183 grams - 25mm
  • Made in Japan


Reg Price $89.99