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Thomson Elite Seatpost

Ask around about Thomson seatposts and you will most likely hear nothing but positive feedback and accolades. The clamp design is simple, reliable and easy to adjust. It consists of an upper and lower clamp that is held to the post with two screws. The screws slide through holes that are machined into the head of the shaft, then through the upper clamping plate and thread into bolts that rest in the upper clamp plate. It's that simple.

The shaft itself is made from internally elliptically extruded, machined and anodized 7000 series alloy. The clamp plates are forged and anodized. The plates are 41mm long so they prevent seat rail bending from impact loads. Bolts are steel while the washer and nuts are brass which help inhibited rust and corrosion.

Cosmetically, the Elite is a simple beauty. The shaft has a micro ribbed texture and etched Thomson graphics on each side of the post. Available in silver or black with many lengths and diameters to choose from. Weights range depending on the post. A 27.2x250mm weights in at 193 grams while the 31.6x367 comes in at a very respectable 227 grams.


  • Proven over decades to be one of the best alloy seatposts ever made
  • Straight one-piece shaft/cradle base construction extruded from 7000 series aluminum alloy
  • Internal ovalization for superior strength, longevity
  • Micro ribbed exterior texture, anodized finish
  • 2-Bolt fore-aft clamp adjustment
  • Steel bolts with brass nuts/washers
  • Select length/diameter
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 200 grams (27.2x330mm)
  • Made in USA


Reg Price $89.95