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Stans NoTubes Flow MK3 Rim

Remember when you thought the Flow EX's 29mm external width was crazy wide? The redesigned ZTR Flow MK3 has a 29mm internal width, yet is still considered a top all mountain and Enduro rim. Of course, World Cup DH riders have been known to sit atop the podium after a thrashing run on Flow as well. Optimized to handle tires up 2.8", the Flow MK3 is no 25% stiffer and stronger to improve handling, durability, and impact load. A 29er rim comes in at just 527 grams, which means exceptional acceleration and nimble handling are always in play. The low profile design carries speed and a sure footprint, especially with the Stans NoTubes BST tubeless system that conquers the low pressures rider desire for maximum traction without flatting.

NoTubes opted for a stronger, lighter aluminum for the MK3 rims, a 6069 alloy. The extruded material is harder than previous versions, and by moving wider (32.3mm external width), the incresed surface area, shaping, BST, and internal arch design all combine to increase the inherent strength and resilience of the rim. The thicker spoke bed section adds substantial reinforcement at the spoke holes to limit fatigue over time, and protect you from pull-through from hard impacts. NoTubes uses only a symmetrical drilling pattern, and the 16mm profile Flow MK3 is only available in a 32 hole configuration.

NoTubes considers the Flow MK3 ideal for serious long travel trail use of any kind, as it provides more durability and fatigue resistance over heavy use. The wide, low profile shape is designed to roll faster, increase traction through better tire/surface interaction, and for tube users, reduce the chance of pinch flats. Still, since Stan pioneered his tubeless technology, NoTubes rims are known as the premier tubeless rim system on the market, and perfect for Enduro type riding. BST creates a ideal seal with with most tubeless ready tires when used with proper sealant. The Flow MK3 rim requires NoTubes 30mm rim tape and you are recommended to use the Stan's 35mm Valve Stem with this shallow profile design.

One aspect of the development of the MK3 rim series was coordinating rim width with optimal tire width to both best utilize tire shape and capability, but also for rider and equipment safety. The NoTubes WideRight concept aims to deliver the perfect width rims based on tire size and volume for riding requirements and the tire range. For the Flow MK3, 2.35-2.8" tires are recommended to ensure the tire shape on the rim is correct. The ensuing contact patch is both sizable and sustainable on super rough terrain, delivering excellent grip and traction in all conditions without compromising the tire itself.

While the Arch MK3 is a perfect rim for those who want the most versatility with up to a 2.5" tire, the Flow MK3 will be preferred by riders who want to go larger, handle more drops and jumps, and still want to be able to pedal and control their bikes through any trail condition. Confidence inspiring, yet pretty darn light, the ZTR Flow MK3 rim is the perfect choice for longer travel 27.5 and 29" wheel riders who seek out boundaries- both physical and mental. If you have questions about a wheel build or would like us to build the ideal wheelset for you, please give us a call, and one of our expert cyclists and/or wheel builders will talk you through the process.


  • BST Tubeless ready Enduro/AM rim that is wider, lighter, stronger and faster than ever
  • 3rd generation rim designed with WideRight philosophy for 2.35-2.28" tires
  • Rim data: Internal width 29mm, External Width 32.3mm, Depth 16mm
  • Disc specific rim, extruded 6069 aluminum alloy for strength, inherent lateral stiffness
  • Symmetrical rim drilling, in 32 hole only
  • Max Spoke Tension: 125kgf (1225N)
  • Max Pressure: with 2.35" Tire 37psi, with 2.8" Tire 26psi
  • Rider weight limit: 250lbs
  • Use 30mm Stan's tape with 35mm Presta valve
  • Options: 29, 27.5
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 29" 527g, 27.5" 480g


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