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Hutchinson Fusion 3 Tire

Advanced clincher technology from Hutchinson yields a durable high-end tire that is constructed with three rubber compounds which optimize tread life and provide progressive grip in corners.

At the core of the tire is a supple 127 tpi casing. The way Hutchinson spins and weaves the casing yields a near perfect product with better results than competitors using 2-3 times as much tpi count casings. The casing itself offers a nice blend between being nice and stiff for cornering but soft enough to feel resilient and not too choppy.

The triple compound tread is task specific. The wide center tread is firm for fast rolling. Sandwiched on each side of it are two lower density compounds for gooey grip in when cornering. So what you get is two different durameter compounds for two different tasks. Underneath the tread lies Hutchinson's Kevlar Pro Tech strip. This Kevlar strip or belt increase the Fusion 3's resistance to perforations and punctures without affecting performance.

All-in-all, we have plenty of experience with the Fusion tires. They are a wonderful product that has low rolling resistance and really grippy cornering abilities. Until the tread is completely worn down, they will not give you issues with flatting either. The amount of mileage you will get from the Fusions 3 is respectable considering how much performance they offer.


  • Tri-compound
  • Slick tread
  • Kevlar Pro Tech belt
  • Ultralight 127tpi casing
  • 205 grams
  • Made in France
  • Sold Out

    Reg Price $69.00