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Hutchinson Fusion 3 Tubeless Tire

The Hutchinson Fusion 3 tubeless tire is designed for performance with extra puncture resistance. The tread has three rubber compounds which optimize durability, tread life and provide progressive grip in cornering. A protective layer beneath the tread prevents flats protects the casing from cuts and tears.

Tubeless tires allow for better handling and give excellent road feel. The magic occurs because there is no friction between the tube and tire, because all you have is a tire. Cornering, descending and rolling are all greatly enhanced. You will never get a pinch flat.

The square carbon fiber bead profile on the Fusion 3 tubeless matches tubeless specific rims for the important lock-tight fit required for reliable performance on a tubeless system. Hutchinson is an innovator in tubeless technology and has lead the way with tubeless in the mountain arena and now are setting the standard in road tire innovation.


  • Select 23 or 25mm
  • Triple tread compound
  • 127 tpi casing
  • UST carbon bead for excellent reliability
  • Compatible with all tire sealants
  • Recommended pressure 100psi - max pressure 125 psi
  • Weight: 290 grams
  • Made in France
Reg Price $105.00


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Average Rating:


Posted on 6/11/2014

I put these on a set of Shimano Ultegra Tubeless wheels with Stan's. I do not put a lot of miles on this bike (more of a commuter) and flatted out after a few hundred miles. When I examined the tire there were numerous cuts and gashes, some right through the casing. I ride the same roads on my other bike using Conti 4000s and have never flatted. I have not been sold on these.

Pros Tubeless

Cons Fragile


Posted on 5/7/2012

Almost 3 full years of riding on these tubeless tires. Haven't ridden a tire this smooth since the old days when I only rode tubulars.


Posted on 3/23/2012

I am using the Hutchinson Fusion 3 Tubeless tires with Campy Shamal "2-way" wheel-set. Amazing! I run 90psi in front and 95psi in rear and the ride is like butter, with total control. Like other reviewers, I also put a few ounces of sealant in the tire at time of installation, and it does the trick. These are fabulous tires and ride is great. Buy them!


Posted on 3/22/2012

Got about 2 months outta them before I was down to the casing. I don't know how much the other posters ride, but I had significant gashes after my first wet weather ride. Then it just got worse from there. Riding the maxxis padrones now and they ride better and although its too early to tell, they do seem more durable as well.


Posted on 11/24/2010 10:12:58 AM

I have been using these with Shimano Dura-Ace Tubeless Wheels. The ride is super comfortable and they corner like a tubular. I only run about 90-100 psi which feels great. I put a couple of ozs of sealant in them and had no flats until about 9 months later, the sealant had mostly dried out and I got a small glass cut that did not seal. I put a tube in and have ridden with it like that for a week. The ride with the tube in it felt much harsher! It made me realize how good the ride quality was going tubeless.


Posted on 8/16/2010 4:51:24 PM

I’ve been using these tires on a pair of Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-way rims since May. I’ve put well over 1000 miles on the tires and they have held up extremely well. They also ride like a dream. They spin up fast, stick to the road and feel great. I had a flat after about 1,200 miles. It was a pin hole so I simplely removed the tire, threw in a tube and rode home. Once I got home, I put a small tire patch over the hole from the inside of the tire and have been riding it since. I would recommend tubeless road tires to everyone.