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Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Tire

All season performance comes down to one thing- grip in any condition. Yes, high mileage is good, so is puncture protection, but if your tire can't keep you upright and in control, you have to change tires. Hutchinson's Fusion 5 All Season Tire can be your year-round training option, all you sacrifice from the Performance version is 10 grams and some efficiency from the slightly higher rolling resistance.

The 127tpi casing is the perfect structure for the Fusion 5. The casing offers a consistently round shape, with more than enough suppleness under pressure, yet enough strength to feel substantial. The rubber is called HDF-5 and Hutchinson considers this compound to be the pinnacle of development for all-around tires, offering their best combination in the 5 performance highlights of a tire: Grip, Efficiency, Durability, Puncture resistance and Comfort. The butyl sealing liner is joined by a flexible Kevlar puncture protection belt for additional flat protection under the center tread. The tread design is advanced with tread voids that sipe away water and provide extra grip when cornering at all times.

With bead to bead puncture protection and a butyl sealing liner, the Fusion 5 All Season Tire reduces the possibility of puncture, and eliminates pinch flats- resulting in a safer tire all around. At just 225 grams in a 700x25, this tire offers weights the balance to grip, durability, and protection and performance. Fusion 5 series from Hutchinson stands apart, with a choice of compounds that specialize. For all-season training in wet or dry conditions, we highly recommend the Fusion 5 All Season. The grip is superb and if you prefer to race on the Galactik or Performance versions, the transition will be seamless.


  • Advanced road tire optimized with all season, all conditions capability
  • HDF-5 compound balances Grip, Efficiency, Durability, Puncture resistance, Comfort.
  • Larger grain size increases overall grip regardless of surface or conditions
  • All Season version increases grip, with slight sacrifice in rolling resistance
  • Carbon bead technology prevents bead stretch under any circumstance
  • Bead to bead puncture protection with a butyl sealing liner
  • Kevlar protection belt added for additional protection under tread
  • 127 tpi fine fiber nylon casing is supple and make installation easier
  • Advanced void tread with directional angled siping for grip, water displacement
  • Size: 700x25
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 225 grams
  • Made in France

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