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Pinarello GAN RS Frameset 2016

If you have lusted after a Pinarello Dogma F8, we truly understand. But what if you could get the same aesthetic and about 90% of the frameset performance at a fraction of the F8 price point.

With the GAN RS you get the proven asymmetric frame construction, the advanced Bolide-inspired Onda fork and Onda seatstays, and the sleek aero seatpost concept. Pinarello does offer the GAN RS in fewer sizes, but with ten to chose from, you won't be lacking for options. The headtube of the GAN RS is about 5mm taller per comparable size than the F8, creating a more reasonable fit starting point than the pure race F8. The carbon fiber used is Toray's T900 series, which just a few years ago was top of the line, and now with the T1100 employed in the F8, the T900 is just a step back. For comparison, the GAN S is made with the T700 series carbon. So the GAN RS is perfectly placed in the line, and still exceeds the overall carbon quality and performance of many competitor's pro-level bikes. Rider comfort comes from the frame construction and lay-up, with the top tube shape and seatstays delivering a smooth ride quality and minor bump compliance.

On the F8, Pinarello is able to employ the T1100 carbon to the greatest effect, so the frame is the lightest of the line-up, as well as being the stiffest laterally for amazing acceleration and power transfer. The GAN RS is a touch heavier due to the heavier material and the adaptation for the asymmetric design. Pinarello has developed this concept to counter single-side drivetrain forces on frame performance. Starting with the Onda fork, all the way through the rear dropout, the entire left side of the frameset has additional structural construction to balance the forces. It leads to a special feeling when descending, where the counterbalancing forces of the bike lead to a very consistent stiffness side to side. On acceleration, or under a burst of power, the bike moves smoothly forward- deceptively so. Those cyclists expecting a "snappy" response will not get it. No power is wasted with frame flex from the down stroke of the driveside arm, the energy goes directly through the drivetrain. Don't be fooled, the acceleration is sharp and impressive, but as smooth as it gets.

The Think2 internal cable routing and stop system can be used with cable actuated mechanical shifting, and a wired electronic system as well. The Italian company has also been party to a movement back to threaded bottom bracket systems, with an Italian threaded BB shell. You still get an oversized bottom bracket junction that manages power and control at the bottom connection of both front and rear triangles, but the simplicity and creak-free threaded system has been very well received. Finish and scheme are pure Pinarello, so acolytes will embrace the graphic design.

Experience high-level performance and incredible ride quality as defined by Pinarello. If you haven't ridden one of their higher-grade asymmetric design frames,you have been missing out. It may even feel strange at first, under power, or when descending or cornering at speed, but once you realize the balance and control the system provides, it becomes natural, and going back to a bike with less engineering feels odd. Enjoy the smooth, powerful acceleration, stability, and feel that is darn close to what the Team Sky pro's have used to dominate in Le Tour, but save thousands with the GAN RS Ultegra Bicycle.


  • Race-level performance drawn directly from TdF winning Dogma F8
  • Asymmetrical design of complete frameset from fork through rear drop out
  • High grade Toray T900 carbon fiber with frame specific layup, engineering
  • SOE computer analysis is comprehensive, with full pre and post design testing
  • Think2 internal cable management system for mechanical and electronic drivetrains
  • Balanced geometry with race pedigree and aggressive positioning, slightly taller head tube than F8 per comparable size
  • Impressive handling, acceleration and ride quality over long rides and races
  • Onda fork and rear stay system optimized for, strength, comfort and performance
  • Please call us with any questions or if you need to discuss your order (800)627-6664
  • Sizes: See drop down menu and geometry chart for options and availability
  • Color: Black/Red

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Reg Price $4,000.00