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Panaracer GravelKing Tire

As the name would suggest, Panaracer purpose-built the GravelKing tire to perform on secondary roads which includes dirt and unpaved surfaces, but also have solid handling manners on smoother paved roads. Add this duality with the ultimate in durability and you have the world's greatest alternative road tire. It is one of the few tires in it's class that is light and handles exceptionally well. That's a sharp contrast to many gravel tires that have less than desirable ride qualities for the sake of durability. Think of the GravelKing as a crazy-durable road tire with a file tread pattern for added traction in adverse conditions that is available in wider diameters.

At the heart of the tire lies a 127tpi casing which offers a subtle ride quality. On the top of the casing is Panaracer's familiar PT protection belt. This component is responsible for preventing flats and for those who are already Panaracer users, the PT belt is the reason you can go a season sans flatting. This belt is cloth-like in texture so while adding protection, it will not interfere with ride quality. The natural rubber compound used in the GravelKing has a great balance of grip and low rolling resistance. And while we wouldn't quite classify the compound as mileage-crunchers, you should easily get a few thousand miles out of a pair. Panaracer wisely choose file tread for grip an all-conditions with solid road performance. No matter how you slice it the GravelKing is a clear winner for it's category and beyond due to it's low weight and exceptional handling manners. Gravel riding, winter training and overall bomber road tire, the GK does it all.


  • Fastest rolling tire in its class
  • Folding Aramid Bead
  • 127tpi casing
  • Natural rubber compound
  • PT protection belt
  • File tread pattern
  • Smooth handling
  • Ultra durable
  • 219 grams - 700x23mm
  • 238 grams - 700x26mm
  • 267 grams - 700x28mm
  • 289 grams - 700x32mm
Sale Price
Reg Price $59.99


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Average Rating:


Posted on 4/1/2017

First off, let's just say that these are NOT gravel tires despite what the name suggests. Panaracer should have named them the Road King instead. These are great all-around road tires that can handle the dirt and gravel if need be but make no mistake, most people will find these to be a little sketchy in loose gravel. I've been running the 28mm versions on a cyclocross bike that I use for urban riding and commuting and occasional crushed limestone rides. For these uses they've held up just fine. I finally got a flat the other day (shard of glass) after running them for over a year. For full on gravel rides maybe get the Gravel King SK (with the knobby pattern) or other gravel specific tires.

Pros traditional tread, durable, excellent road feel

Cons not true gravel tires, but great as a road tire.


Posted on 11/16/2015

Dirt roads are great with these: stellar small bump compliance and they make chip-seal feel like regular tarmac. Gravel roads maybe: not enough shoulder tread to really get confident cornering into loose/coarse gravel (at least in the 28c and smaller tread pattern - I have not tried the 32s with their radial lug treads). Mounted on HED Ardennes + the 28c measured 29.8mm wide (which clears a 2015 Tarmac with room to spare). Tires have been a good balance of grippy, durable (sidewalls), long-wearing (tread) and supple. Great training tire!

Pros Great on dirt roads and fast on the pavement

Cons Marketing: more dirt than gravel


Posted on 12/7/2014

Recently on my touring surly crosscheck in 28mm they feel really like a tubular, fast, grippy and comfy on H Son TB19 rims. A good hope for my next long distance travel )) Pat from France.

Pros everywhere good

Cons none


Posted on 11/21/2014

I ordered the 26mm version. Be forewarned that they are a narrow 26 (I measured more like 24mm on a normal road rim). However, they roll very fast on the road, and so far have handled everything I have thrown at them in dirt and gravel. These are the perfect tire for those exploratory road rides where you might encounter an interesting dirt detour. I will echo the comment that the beads were kinked from the packaging, so be careful mounting them for the first time. I will try the 28mm version when these wear out.


Posted on 11/21/2014

Bought a 28mm and it fit in my road frame (which might have a bit more clearance than most). Mounted easy and rolled well. Surprising how they are a durable gravel tire and perform in the rough stuff, but feel like a race tire on the tarmac. Very cool.

Pros handling, durability

Cons none so far


Posted on 9/13/2014

God I love these tires! They're like Vittoria Open Corsa tires, except durable. I've got 2k on the pair and hardly a sign off wear.

Pros light durable and rides like a tubular

Cons none


Posted on 9/3/2014

The tires mounted easily and securely, which was a great first impression. The tread is evenly laid and designed well. I paired them with the same brand inner tube for a matched look. The side wall is void of large logos but provides the necessary information. They provide nice dampened road feedback, which says they have a supple casing to conform to the roads ever changing surface. Installed on DT SWISS RR1.1 with DT SWISS rim bands. I am very happy with this choice for my fun and fast mountain road rides.

Pros small logo/label, light yet durable, easy to mount

Cons oem package folded,unfolded leaves corners in bead