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Trico Ironcase Travel Case

Year after year, the Trico Ironcase is one of our bestselling hard shell travel cases. It is a simple design void of anything complex that can break or get damaged when traveling. It will fit virtually any size and type bicycle and is incredibly durable. Its price makes it currently one of the best values in a hard case as well.

There is no getting around the size of the Ironcase or the fact that a good bit of disassembly/minor mechanical expertise is required. Complete packing may require a few tools and about 20 minutes to a half hour. Beyond that, the Ironcase is just that: an iron case. It is almost guaranteed to protect your bike from the perils of traveling and getting handled in airports and by airline personnel and TSA inspectors. Used and approved by too many athletes to list.


  • Fully lockable
  • Includes packing foam
  • Will fit up to 66cm complete bikes
  • Total case dimensions are 47"x30.5"x10.5"
  • 2 casters and pull tab
  • 31lbs total case weight
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Reg Price $425.00
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Average Rating:


Posted on 10/15/2014

This is a fantastic case. I travel with my carbon road bikes at least twice a year including over to Europe where I'll travel via train and bus. I've never once had a damaged bike or component. It's easy to pack and has no problem holding my larger 59cm frames. The strap system is great for also fastening the case to the interior wall of trains storage areas to keep it from falling over as the train moves. The interior holds all your riding gear, shoes, and a helmet as well. A great product.

Pros Durability, protection, price

Cons A little heavier and pulling strap could be better


Posted on 7/9/2013

I have used my IronCase for shipping my bike, flying with my bike, taking my bike on a bus, and on a train. Have not had any problems. I have found that I spend more time packing the bike than I do unpacking, which is great when you are pressed for time after a day or more of travel. The only issue is if you are traveling with a group, and have limited funds for a cab or ground transport, you are limited on space with other luggage, so budget that in your travel plans.

Pros perfect everytime

Posted on 5/4/2013

My two trico cases are over a decade old and have been used on top of the car, airlines, FedEx, UPS and Amtrak. They offer great protection for the bike;, no damage or scratches. I tried soft cases in the past and they failed me.

Pros Great protection

Cons External straps should be taped down to preunbuckl


Posted on 2/25/2013

I have owned and used my IronCase since 1995 -- probably a grand total of at least 30 uses, mostly to international destinations (United Kingdom, France, Sweden, New Zealand). Never a problem with my bike and even today the IronCase looks as good as new!!

Pros incredible durability


Posted on 8/23/2012

After 20 years, mine is still going strong and protects the bike perfectly. Easy to also fit in your shoes, helmet plus a few other bits and pieces. Simple to use and despite the size, is remarkable light with the bike in the box. The wheels on the box are sturdy and it is easy to haul about. Given the abuse the airport gives the box (despite paying a premium to ship the bike...) I know my bike is safe inside. Well worth the price, especially considering how much you now pay to ship your bike when traveling. Buy it, it should last a lifetime.


Posted on 4/2/2012

Awesome in any way.

Pros Secure

Cons No cons


Posted on 5/13/2010 6:59:52 PM

I’ve had mine since 1998!!! I just recommended it to a friend who is new to triathlons and is looking for a travel case for her bike. It hasn’t changed since then...I’ve used it multiple times over the years and never had any damage to my bike or wheels...


Posted on 2/5/2010 12:36:22 AM

I bought one of these after renting one from my local bike shop a few times so I could take my road bike on vacation. As other reviewers have noted, some disassembly is needed (including bars and rear derailleur), and larger bikes need some careful packing to fit. That said, there is still plenty of room for tools and any other odds and ends you might want to put in the case. It’s a solid case with excellent closures, including spots for multiple padlocks if you desire.

David Morse

Posted on 8/17/2009 7:44:39 PM

The Trico Ironcase is extremely practical and rugged. There isn’t much to go wrong or malfuction, and I have never had any damage traveling with road or TT bikes after 10+ domestic and international flights. The built in rollers are low-profile, super smooth, and solidly attached. The case fits in most hatchbacks (you can even fit 2 in some SUVs). Packing takes some practice and time and disassembly (15 min if you’re in a hurry), but any pains are worth the trouble if it means your bike arrives safely.


Posted on 9/10/2006 5:22:14 PM

The Ironcase works exactly as advertised allowing worry free air travel. I’ve never had a bike or the bike case damaged during travel. Note: in addition to removing the handlebar, seat post, and rear derailleur, my large mtn bike must have the fork removed and packed along side the downtube in order to fit in the box. No big deal as long as you have basic bike maintenance skills. I highly recommended this product.


Posted on 3/29/2006 12:17:14 AM

I’ve owned 5 Tri-All-3 cases & they all broke from the baggage gorilla’s abuse. I bought a Trico, and it has survived everything, all across the world, from Brazil, to New Zealand, and domestic races coast to coast. BEST IN ITS CLASS goes to this case. Best price, best protection, and I can fit most everything for a race in this case if I pack it carefully. Best of all, you only need a compact car to fit it in. Even a hatchback car will work. It is easy to tote around an airport if you have a backpack with your other clothes in it. I have tried Pedal Packs as well, but nothing comes close to the Trico Ironcase. My equipment & bike have always arrived with no issues at all. Not a dent, bend or break. So far it has outlived my other cases by 4 years. I’ve owned it only 4 years...

Matthew Mcclendon

Posted on 12/25/2003 3:46:32 PM

A great travel case. Very duable and very protective of your bike no matter how much it get thrown around. There is a bit of disassembly of your bike with using this case to travel. You’ll have to remove your front wheel, bars and rear wheel. And more than likely, you’ll need to remove your seat/seatpost and rear derailleur. Also keep in mind that this case does not "pack" or fold-up like a soft (nylon) case, so plan accordingly. You’ll need a vehicle with enough storage space to accommodate the case once you get to your destination (and the same applies to your living quarters).