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Full Speed Ahead K-Wing Compact Handlebar

Ever wonder how far you could take the Wing-profile design of a handle bar? The answer is: this far. Considering the fact that FSA invented the wing bar, they probably felt obligated to see how far they can stretch and evolve the design.

The K-Wing features 3 distinct features that make it a somewhat unique and a standalone product. First, the tops or wings are raised up. This offers an obvious higher position in the top position, but also a higher position in the drops. The top radius or the part of the bar that bends around from the tops out to the brake/shift levers have a flat spot on the top of the bend. This makes for a very natural position for riders who place their hands in this position. It also makes for an excellent transition from bar to control lever. The last feature being internal cable routing - frames do it, why can't bars! It gives the bars a super clean look and perfect tape wrapping.

The K-Wings are fabricated from 3K carbon that has Kevlar woven in for added strength. The stem and shifter clamping areas are reinforced and a laminate sandpaper-like texture is added for non-slippage of the stems and controls.

One glance at the bar and you can tell it is an FSA product from the familiar looking red/white color scheme. The FSA K-Wing Compacts are available in 42cm & 44cm widths and come in a 31.8mm clamp diameter.


  • Measured center to center
  • 3K carbon-kevlar construction
  • Aero and ergo wing top
  • Internal cable routing
  • Textured clamping areas
  • 31.8mm clamping area
  • 240 grams
  • Dimensions

  • 80mm Reach
  • 125mm Drop

  • $279.95
    Sale Price
    Reg Price $349.95


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