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Mavic Ksyrium SL S Tubular Rear Wheel

The Ksyrium SL S tubular is on the racers' short list of go to wheels because it is light, very responsive and extremely durable. Mavic's tubular version of this perennial high-performance favorite is now almost 100 grams lighter thanks to new butted spokes and more interspoke milling on the rim sidewall (ISM 3D). Cosmetics are updated with a black rim and white flanges on a carbon hubshell. Mavic includes a Powerlink tubular for a perfectly matched wheel and tire system. So you get a Ksyrium that is lighter, even more responsive and still as strong.

Crit specialist in particular rave about the SL S tubular because it provides a handling edge other wheels can't match. It is exceptionally stiff so you can carve the corners a little tighter with virtually no wheel deflection. So you can move up a few places where other competitors have to hang tight. This stiffness also lets you rocket out of corners with a hyper-efficient power transfer. Even though the SL S tubulars are light they are strong enough to thrive numerous race seasons with very little maintenance. Mavic supplies the Powerlink tubular tire so the tire and wheel performance are matched and the Powerlink certainly exceed expectations with a true balance of road feel and excellent grip with durability.

The Ksyrium SL S wheels ooze the very high build quality that Mavic is known for. The very low 1375 gram weight of the Ksyrium SL S wheelset make it great for climbing and accelerating out of corners. The short 25mm front rim profile means minimal affects from crosswinds and very stable handling. The 20 bladed and butted Zircal aluminum spokes provide aerodynamics as well as light weight and strength. The spokes are laced radially on the drive side and crossed 2 on the non drive side to maximize drive side dish. This provides a better spoke tension balance between left and right flanges for better strength and snappier acceleration.

The Maxtal aluminum rim features a welded and machined seam and a machined braking surface for smooth braking. Special, unique interspoke milling reduces the weight of the rim and provide a more eye-catching appearance. The Maxtal rim is Fore drilled meaning only the inner wall is drilled. This provides greater strength and makes a rim strip not required. Smooth QRM+ bearings are fitted into an alloy hubshell. Select Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo.


  • 775 grams
  • Iso pulse laced
  • QRM+ bearings
  • 25mm rim profile
  • 20 Zircal spokes 19 black and one white
  • Supplied with quick release, Powerlink tubular, bearing adjustment tool, and spoke wrench

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