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Park Tool PRS-20 Team Race Workstand

The stand originally designed for the mechanics of the Tour de France winning US Postal Pro Cycling team. Now available to professional and home mechanics everywhere. Compact, Euro-style work stand holds the bike securely without clamping the frame tubes or seat post. Ideal for ultra lightweight frame tubes or seatposts and for bikes with tight access areas that can't be clamped. Park BAG-20 travel and storage bage for the PRS-20 available separately.

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  • Quick release mounts hold bike securely by front or rear dropouts
  • Vinyl covered cradle and quick release retention strap stabilize bottom bracket
  • Folds to 33" for easy transport and storage
  • Stable tripod base
  • Built in "sleeping hub" allows easy chain cleaning with rear wheel removed
  • Bottom bracket height quickly adjusts from 28" to 38"
  • Works with 100 to 135 mm axles
  • 360° horizontal rotation
  • Durable blue powder coat and chrome plated finish

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    Posted on 12/6/2014

    this is a decent stand and park will replace the yoke under warranty when it goes bad as it has on me twice now. If you wash your bikes on this work stand the steel of the central yoke expands when it rusts (as it has on the original and supposed improved zinc plated versions I have had). when this happens, the stand will no longer adjust up or down or rotate.


    Posted on 8/4/2008 11:53:40 AM

    If you have a bike that has exotic tube shapes or aerodynamic fat tubes and seat posts this is the only stand that will handle them easily. Fits all bikes regardless of tube shapes. Best stand I have ever used and you can rotate the bike 360 degrees as well as adjust the height so you can sit down and work on the bike. Not only that but its portable and can be taken to the races.


    Posted on 6/3/2005 9:09:13 AM

    Probably the "Best" work stand you can buy for now and the future if you have exotic frames that don’t like to be Clamped ! After only having this stand for a week I’m wondering how I got by for so many years. Very stable, good height adjustment range, convenient pack-away and versatile (front or rear wheel lock-in) overall a great piece of equipment and well worth the extra $20-$50 over a clamp type work stand. One note, if you think you’ll be clamping the rear end of your frame often you may like to consider one of those tools that keep the front wheel/fork straight in-line with the frame.


    Posted on 2/5/2005 8:02:25 PM

    I received the Park PRS-20 as a late Christmas present in January. It is a great work stand. I have used portable stands by Spin doctor and Tacx. This stand is very easy to use, kind to carbon or superlight weight titanium frames. It quickly sets up. The bike can be placed on the frame with front or rear wheels off. It holds very secure, enough to work on the bottom bracket and cranks. Great for tune up at race sites, clean up and lubrication after rides, and packs very small and quickly. The bottom bracket trough is well padded with a vinyl cover and the strap, when needed, holds the frame very well. The height adjustment is perfect for all but the tallest mechanics. The smooth 360 spin is great when cleaning a bike. It is worth the price as most well made tools are. I expect years of use and service from this product. No, I don’t work for Park. But I enjoy bike maintenance and appreciate good tools.