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CatEye Padrone Smart Plus Computer

The Padrone Smart Plus computer is more versatile in set-up and use than it's standard sibling. A larger, 1-8 segment screen, 2 button interface, north-facing compass, illuminated Night Mode, on/off sound, and advanced display settings, this model is designed for experienced training cyclists. With it's Mirror Mode technology, powered by Bluetooth Smart, the Cateye Padrone Smart Plus can pull data or alerts (SMS texts, phone, email) from your smartphone and display it as desired on the head unit. It can also combine inputs; for example show GPS-powered data from your phone, as well as any Bluetooth Smart speed, cadence, HR, or power sensor. Should you need to leave the phone at home on race day, the Padrone Smart Plus can work solely in Sensor Mode. The Mirror Mode also sends the data back to the phone, so you can collect and process or upload it later as you require. This is a convenient, effective way to minimize and balance your costs and hardware, while still collecting and using all the data you build your training plan with.

The options are many, but the execution is simple. In Mirror Mode, you pair the Padrone Smart Plus with your phone, then set your phone to sleep mode. The phone will still receive and record data such as GPS and all connected cycling functions, while the sleep mode preserves battery life. Post-ride you can easily upload data to sites such as Cateye's own Atlas™, Strava™, or Training Peaks™. Many smartphone users forget that their unit is a GPS receiver. Riders aren't required to buy a specific GPS head unit. The Padrone Smart Plus system taps into the hardware and applications you likely already use and carry with you on the bike.

Should you opt to leave your phone at home and use Sensor Direct Mode, Bluetooth Smart powermeter's, speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors keep the system fully functional and you can still generate a summary of your training data and upload it later. In this usage, the system becomes truly modular, and cyclists can choose the Padrone Smart and the sensors of their choice, then add more advanced options such as a powermeter or smartphone with GPS and applications. You also get the strong and reliable electronics that Cateye has delivered cyclists over the decades.

For secure attachment and ease of use, no one beats Cateye. The proven FlexTight mounting system fits any bar or stem, and is easily adjusted or moved. The head unit engagement system is solid, but simple to manually release- no accidental ejections. You can also choose to buy Cateye's out-front style mount, or an aftermarket version like the K-Edge (shown in pictures, not included). Cateye fully supports all their sensors and units with small parts and excellent customer service from Cateye America, located in Colorado.

The head unit is easy to set-up, allowing for custom data displays in 1-8 fields on the clean, crisp display. You get all the standard cycling data, and much more training specific options, along with Auto or Manual Start/Stop, dual bike option, power saving, pace arrow, north-facing compass, an illuminated NIght Mode, etc., in a water and impact resistance head unit. This Padrone Smart Plus model does not come with any sensors, allowing you to select the options you require as additional items. Cateye's ISC-12 Speed/Cadence and HR-12 Heart Rate Bluetooth sensors work perfectly with Padrone Smart Plus, as will any sensor that employs Bluetooth Smart (4.0 CSCP/HRP/CPP) connectivity. The replaceable batteries are the common CR2032, and you will need two, which Cateye predicts will run about 4 months of regular use, but will vary with use, options (think, Night Mode) and conditions.

The standard Padrone Smart is a great unit for beginners or riders with limited requirements. The Padrone Smart Plus is geared towards training cyclists who need more data, want an easier screen interface, and will benefit from the upgraded head unit. Our experience with Cateye has proven to be excellent over the years, with their electronics and hardware to be exceptionally reliable. The concept is well thought out and executed: most riders with smartphones carry them at all times. Now you can truly maximize the phone's GPS system for location and altitude, while collating and sharing data, as well as keep your lifeline more secure. This is the perfect option for cyclists who are agile thinkers and who believe that efficiency and manageable costs integral to their success.


  • Bluetooth Smart Plus enabled unit works with direct sensors and/or smartphones
  • Larger head unit than standard Padrone Smart, with more capability, push button use
  • Fully customizable 1-8 field screen set-up is simple with Cateye App via smartphone
  • Mirror Mode shares information two ways- phone to head unit, unit to phone
  • Sends GPS info and collates data; displays Call/Email/SMS (Text) alert on head unit
  • Once paired, put phone into sleep mode to preserve battery; then secure in pocket
  • Bluetooth sensors can be used simultaneously with Mirror Mode
  • Sensor Direct Mode allows use without smartphone but summary data transferrable
  • Upload data to applications such as CateyeAtlas™, Strava™, or Training Peaks™
  • Cateye's proven FlexTight mounting system is easy to use and secure
  • Mode & Start-Stop/Lap buttons on bottom of screen face- easy to use, even when wearing gloves
  • Illuminated Night Mode
  • Bluetooth Smart (4.0 CSCP/HRP/CPP) connectivity
  • Head unit only, no sensors or smartphone included
  • Easily replaceable CR2032 batteries - 2 required, (approx 4 months use)
  • Head unit dimensions: 70 x 46 x 20mm
  • Weight: 40 grams

Please note: the K-Edge mount seen in the photo is not included


Reg Price $129.00