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Michelin Power All Season Tire

The Power series tires from Michelin are a strong redesign of the French tire manufacturer's Pro series. The Power All Season features 15% more all-conditions grip with 5% more rolling resistance than the predecessor, offering measurable, substantial improvement. With a multi-ply casing construction and advanced rubber compound technology, Michelin effectively created a new tire system, yet cyclists who favor the feel and performance of the Pro series line will recognize their favorite characteristics while reaping the benefits of the improvements such as the 20% improvement in puncture protection.

Multi-ply casings aren't new and the Power series tires all feature 3-ply construction. The variations per tire at the casing level are from the thread per inch count. The All Season needed to be more durable, with greater capacity for off-season training over a wider temperature range. Three 60 tpi plies are supple enough for excellent road feel, but can withstand the weather, surface, and temperature variations better. The key to this design is that the new Grip Compound and Hi-Grip tread pattern has an increased capability when wet, allowing for more natural and confident cornering in such conditions. 15% more grip is a substantial upgrade, and on Michelin's test pad, that equates to 3-4 degrees of cornering angle at the tire. Any cyclist who has attempted to corner in slippery conditions will understand the difference in approach speed and lean that 4 degrees offers. The tire delivers and inspires rider confidence, meaning your training season can be ridden more assertively.

There is siping from the tread void pattern in the rubber that will help to release water from the shoulders of the tire, but as is common with Michelin's technology, the rubber compound largely gets the job done. An Aramid ProTek flexible breaker delivers puncture protection onto the shoulders. The Power All Season will have a firmer ride than the Pro version, but with the improvements to grip, puncture protection, and reduced rolling resistance, Michelin fans will adapt quickly, and appreciatively.


  • Year-round clincher tire for training/ racing in wet or dry conditions with superior grip
  • 20% improvement in puncture protection from redesign, new rubber and casing
  • Rolling resistance has been reduced by 5%, saving watts
  • Casing features 3-plies of 60 tpi material
  • Aramid ProTek puncture resistance breaker over center and shoulder zones
  • New rubber compounds improve wet surface grip by 15%, or 4° cornering angle
  • Hi-Grip Design improves your side grip with progressive tread void on shoulders
  • Rubber compounds and casing design effective in hot or cold temperatures
  • Sizes: 700 x 23, 25, 28
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 23mm 235g, 25mm 270g, 28mm 295g
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Reg Price $64.99


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