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Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand

Feedback Sports line of professional level work stands and tools all share a philosophy that all must have integration, simplicity, and exceptional function. The Pro Truing Stand is an excellent example. This design is incredibly different visually from what most cyclists think of when they hear truing stand, but this model was designed first for integration with Feedback's work stands. The concept of a benchtop base was always in play, but the Pro Truing Stand needed to be fully functional and practical for traveling to events where table tops and extra space weren't easily available. The unit also needed to be light, so the same extruded aluminum found in the lightweight work stands forms the structural tube of this wholly practical single arm truing stand.

The fittings and handles allow the user to easily adjust for angle and height, as well as for wheel size. The precision single spring tip indicator makes checking lateral and radial rim position quick and easy, with simple turn of the rotating knobs or knurled adjustment nuts. Users can easily true any wheel up to a 29 inch without removing the tire. Feedback includes adaptors for both 15mm and 20mm axle types. The included, low profile, 5+ pound steel base plate is stable for bench top use and the footprint is very small, only 10.25 x 8.5 inches. If that isn't enough capability for you, Feedback updated the Pro Truing Stand with a simple, but very effective disc brake rotor truing slot, which allows you to easily bring rotors back to true as well. As always, wheel dish can be checked by simply flipping the wheel to the other side.

The Pro Truing Stand is just that. Use it at home; on the bench or on a Feedback stand. Pack up the 3.5lb arm assembly when traveling to keep things light. Many pro cycling mechanics, and unknown hundreds of amateurs, have found this stand to be well worth the effort. If you want to step up and travel with your bike, to race, or Moab, or wherever your favorite trailhead is, carry the best lightweight, most practical professional equipment from Feedback Sports.


  • Modular single arm truing stand that integrates with work stand or with table top base
  • Easily portable; can mount directly to Feedback Sports work stands
  • One arm design allows unrestricted wheel access
  • True up to 29 inch wheels without removing the tire
  • Precision single spring tip indicator for checking lateral and radial rim position
  • Check dish by simply flipping the wheel
  • Disc brake rotor truing slot
  • 12mm and 15mm axle adaptors included
  • Stable base and bench mount adaptor included
  • Red anodized aluminum arm/ steel base
  • Total weight: 9.25lbs (base 5.8lbs)
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