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Time RXS Cleats

These are the stock OE replacement cleats for all Time RXS series pedals. The one piece cafe style cleat has three integrated non-slip stabilizers that grip the ground and provide excellent stability. They are not part of the engagement system, so they do not effect entry and exit when worn down. The rubber-like composition of these stabilizers give unmatched grip while walking around with your cycling shoes. Hence the name cafe cleat: they offer grip when walking around the cafe.

The brass engagement cleat is tucked away underneath the body of the cleat to keep it fresh and out of harm's way and prevent unnecessary wear and exposure. Q-Factor is adjusted by simply selecting the proper cleat for the correct shoe. The RXS cleats fit all standard 3-hole mounting patterns. All mounting hardware and screws are included.


  • Fits standard 3 bolt mounting pattern
  • Brass engagement cleat
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Adjustable Q-Factor
  • Made in France

Only compatible with all RXS Series pedals. These are not compatible with Xpresso, Iclic, Impact or Equipe series pedals systems

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Posted on 9/9/2010 8:13:38 PM

I give them a "5" for excellent value & quality. I’ve had these for a couple years (two or three?). at any rate, the info regarding "rxs cleats are not compatible w/Impact pedals" is FALSE! they work perfectly w/them & in fact I am using them instead of the supplied cleats that came w/the impact pedals since the rxs cleats offer a bit of float & a bit wider "Q-Factor". I have the entry-level pedal which i paid approx. $70. they are well worth the money & have held up well over thousands of miles. The bearings are of good quality. Too bad TIME discontinued these pedals. the cleats are VERY durable. They’re also secure. bottom-line: great (underated) pedal & cleats that last a LONG time.


Posted on 12/3/2009 11:14:58 PM

These are pretty good cleats, but the statement in the description -- which says that entry and exit is not effected when the rubber part is worn down -- is simply false. Mine are worn down and now it is extremely difficult to engage the pedal. The problem is that the front plastic/rubber lip of the cleat is vital for providing leverage when stepping into the pedal. When that front lip wears off, you have no leverage and it takes a great deal of force to get the metal part of the cleat to engage the pedal. Once engaged, however, performance is not effected.