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Time RXS Speed Pedals

The RXS Speed offers all of the advanced Time bio mechanics in a light and durable package at an incredible value. Both angular and lateral float working in tandem make the Time pedal design unique and the most bio mechanically correct pedal available today. The shoe/foot is permitted to rotate and move side to side(laterally) and naturally adjust during the pedal stroke. The fact that both of these mechanisms are built into the pedal greatly reduces any friction that occurs. The cleat moves around during the pedal stroke and the rider is unaware that it is occurring.

The RXS Speed pedals feature a hollow steel axle, nickel-plated engagement arch, and composite body. The distance from the pedal axle and sole is small to promote pedaling efficiency.

Included are a pair of Time RXS cleats. These one-piece cleats have three integrated non-slip stabilizers that grip the ground and provide excellent stability. They are not part of the engagement system, so they do not effect entry and exit when worn down. The engagement cleat is tucked away underneath and inside the cleat so it will not come in contact with the ground while walking around.


  • Hollow steel axle
  • White composite body
  • RXS cleats and mounting hardware included
  • 260 grams/pair
  • Made in France
Reg Price $125.00
Item is in stock


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Average Rating:


Posted on 12/28/2012

If it was not for Time pedas, I would have to quit cycling. Back in the late 80s I was suffering from knee problem and no pedals or fitting was helping.. And then Greg LeMond showed up with first edition of Time pedals. I decided to try them and my cycling was saved. Over the years I used all Time models including Atac for MTB and ride RXS now. They are sometimes a bit harder to get in, especially when cleats are worn out, but that was never an issue for me. Time saved cycling for me.

Pros good for your knees, slick, big platform, reliable

Cons when worn, harder to get in.


Posted on 10/18/2012

I have ridden Time pedals for over 20 years now (I am getting old). Years back I was at OTC Colorado Springs and Speedplay was a sponsor - I tried, I switched back to Time. I have ridden Look/Shimano and on and on. Time are the only pedals I seem to be able to get comfortable on, and to that they are light and have a solid feel. I just wish they would not have given up on the four bolt system

Pros Great feel, Great Platform

Cons Not as adjustable as older models


Posted on 4/20/2012

While I love how these perform, and how comfortable they keep my knees feet overall, I find that I consistently have difficulty getting into the left pedal, even after three years of use. I have them set to medium, as I'm worried about popping out in an easier setting. I'm considering switching to another pedal just to avoid the struggle of getting into these.

Pros comfort, light, good platform

Cons difficult to get into


Posted on 3/7/2010 9:20:39 AM

I switched from Shimano’s Dura Ace pedals to these and have been very impressed with how they have performed. The cleat setup is incredibly easy because Time has a good system for adjustment closer or further from the crank arm and then toe in/out/neutral. It was so much easier than the Dura Ace pedals I’d used in the past because there was a scale to judge the position against. The other thing I really like with these is the positive engagement and float which, while I don’t have knee problems, my knees did feel just better once I was off the bike. The float is a centering float but it doesn’t force your foot back quite as hard as Shimano’s pedals, which I like. Being a sprinter, I love the good surface area of the pedal as it feels solid underfoot on a hard acceleration. Bottom line, these just feel right to me. While I know 1 product isn’t good for all, I definitely feel that there are many that would love this one...cheers!