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Panaracer Race Type D Tire 2-Pack

Buy the Race Type D in a 2 pack and save big. You will be hard pressed to find quality tires like this for this low of a price.

The Race D is essentialy the Race A with some modifications to enhance durability. It still features the AC All Contact shape and profile and ZSG Dual Compound tread. The AC/All Contact refers to the steeper angle and profile/shape of the tread from the center of the tire to the bead. When the tire rolls over to a lean angle, you get complete contact or All Contact for superb grip and stability. The ZSG dual compound tread features a harder center durameter for less resistance and faster rolling while pointing the bike straight. The sides of the tread are a softer and more flexible compound for grip when the bike is rolled over in a lean angle. Combine the dual compound ZSG tread with the AC profile and you get the synergy of complete stability while cornering with low rolling resistance when the bike is upright and rolling straight. The ZSG tread is elastic and resilient which leads to longevity. This tread technology is so good in fact, you end up with a superb handling race tread compound that lasts as long and is as durable as harder training compounds.

In contrast to the Race A, Panaracer choose to beef-up the protective layer and casing. The Race D uses the venerable PT Belt to protect the casing from pesky road debris and chose the 3D casing for added durability. This incredibly stout casing is layered in a 3-D hex pattern which gives the best possible protection while still offering good handling manners. All of these design features make the Race D one of the best handling and durable endurance tires we offer. With its high mileage, durability in the field and eye on value, the Race D is tough to beat. Choose from 700x23mm or 700x25mm diameters, both in all-black cosmetics with GP style graphics.


  • Fast, durable and long lasting
  • ZSG dual compound tread
  • AC All Contact shape
  • PT Shield lightweight protection layer
  • Supple but strong AX casing
  • All condition wet/dry compound
  • Choose from black or red
  • Availible in 23mm and 25mm widths
  • 210 grams - 23mm
  • 238 grams - 25mm
  • Made in Japan

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