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Vittoria Rally Tubular Tire

It may be hard to believe now, but for decades, as clincher tires slowly evolved, tubular tires were the everyday choice of most cycling enthusiasts. And for over three decades Vittoria has produced the Rally, an entry level tubular tire for every day use. There are still many riders who prefer the ride quality and performance of a tubular tire. Truth be told, many of these riders also love the gluing ritual, and play the role of the old-school cyclist who rolls up on a steel De Rosa and entertains the coffee shop with the vagaries of Columbus SL versus SLX. If you know what this means, you are either a curmudgeon or a hipster.

Nowadays, the Rally still serves as a working man's tubular, or an inexpensive spare tire to have on hand. It is also a great choice for those riders who train on tubulars in rough conditions and need a good quality, functional tire that will eat up mileage on tough roads. Despite the affordable price, Vittoria has continually improved the Rally. Now with a 220 tpi casing, the Rally is more compliant and has suppleness it's lineage could only dream of. The advanced Kevlar® 3D rubber compound is molded into a herringbone file pattern that rolls smoothly, provides acceleration and stopping power while delivering confidence in corners, on wet or dry roads. The tread is durable and puncture resistant, which is amplified by the PRB breaker below the surface.

You can see that while an entry-level tubular, the Rally is more tire than one would expect at this price point. We have been selling this tire for many years and like clockwork, a dedicated group of tubular users buy a few sets every spring to be ready for the season. The Rally is offered in a 21mm or 23mm width and traditional tan(Para) wall or black wall so you can fine tune both the appearance and width to best suit your personal aesthetics and riding preference.


  • Cost-effective, everyday tubular tire rides well, prevents flats, and eats up miles
  • 220 tpi casing provides a smooth, compliant, consistent ride
  • Kevlar 3D rubber compound employs herringbone file tread for solid grip and traction
  • Recommended inflation range: 100-130 psi
  • Size/Color: 700x21 Black, 700x23 Black, Natural
  • Weight: 700x21 300g. 700x23 310g

Excel Sports cannot accept returns on tubular tires that have been glued.

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Average Rating:


Posted on 12/18/2012

Great tire, RALLY VITTORIA TUBULAR has been the only tubular I have ever used. These tires are great for any type of riding. Of course you get your occasional flat, that happens on most high pressure road tires. In my 25 plus years of using tubulars, VITTORIA RALLY TUBULAR has been there every inch of the way.


Posted on 11/4/2012

I got exactly 55 minutes on this tire before flitting. Integral valve core means no sealant, so it is dead. Spend more time gluing than riding. That hurts. Gartoskins over the winter and fmbs come race season.

Pros Inexpensive

Cons Punctures easily, can't add sealant


Posted on 4/1/2012

Excellent tire for the money. If you prefer the ride of a tubular these are economical and good quality, but a bit heavy.

Pros great training tire, durable

Cons none


Posted on 10/25/2011 12:06:30 PM

This is a good tire. It is cheap. It hold good air.They ten to have a small hop always at the stem. The side walls will wear out faster after a rain and come apart. But for the bucks it is a good deal.


Posted on 8/21/2011 7:07:23 PM

Rear tire lasted 1600 mis. Front still going strong after 2200 mis. I ride on city streets of San Francisco and Marin country roads. I think these tires are fantastic!


Posted on 7/22/2011 8:20:20 AM

This tire is not for anything but a trainer. As soon as I went on the road, good or bad, flat, flat, and flat again. Six flats in 400 miles. I guess you get what you pay for.