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CatEye Rapid X2 Kinetic Tail Light

Cateye's Rapid series rear lights have been popular with roadies and commuters alike for their slim profiles, excellent efficiency, and useful, bright lighting modes. The Rapid X2 Kinetic adds an accelerometer to the mix, which responds to changes in speed. When you decelerate suddenly the light responds, with a brighter, steady mode that is the strongest light for 2.5 seconds, which informs riders or drivers behind you that your are slowing down or stopping (or at least warns them of something). After 2.5 seconds while stopped or increasing speed, the light returns to it's previous mode. Like the other Rapid X rear lights, the X2 Kinetic Tail Light uses COB (chips on board) LED technology, an utterly reliable, compact LED system that is ideal for low profile tail lights.

Of course the story of the Rapid X2 Kinetic Tail Light only starts with the Kinetic reaction. This very capable 50 Lumen (max output) light mounts on round or aero seatposts, has a single operating button, with a micro USB rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery (2 hours), and has a max run time of 30 hours in the Flash mode. You get complete 180° visibility, an easy to use rubber band mount with rubber base. The gasket-sealed lighting unit won't be affected by road spray or direct splashing, and smartly the USB charging port has a rubber cover that will sit under the mount- against the seatpost when mounted.

The 32 gram light has three selectable lighting modes: Flashing, Low Steady, and Rapid. The smart electronics will automatically change the light to Flashing (the lowest power draw) when the battery is low. The Kinetic mode will enable as needed, unless battery level is too low. Excessive stopping or decelerating (such as in urban traffic) may result in shorter run times as a result. We recommend that heavy commuters charge their Rapid X2 Kinetic daily. With intelligent design and technology, along with Cateye's utterly reliable electronics and ideal performance, the Rapid X2 Kinetic is a powerful, effective tail light that offers greater safety and attention-drawing light than another comparably priced model available.


  • USB rechargeable 50 Lumen Tail Light with Kinetic light response on deceleration
  • Built-in accelerometer automatically changes to constant burst mode for 2.5 seconds
  • COB (chips on board) LED lights are stable durable, consistent, powerful for size
  • Integrated light/battery system requires Micro-USB cable, with 2 hour charging time
  • Comprehensive 180° visibility
  • Battery Auto-Save: automatically switches to flashing mode when battery runs low
  • Lighting modes: Flashing, Low Steady, and Rapid
    • Low steady: 5 hours
    • Rapid: 16 hours
    • Flashing: 30 hours
  • Kinetic system goes to full 50 Lumens for 2.5 seconds when deceleration occurs
  • Dimension: 2.93" x 1.20" x 1.29"
  • Battery Auto-Save: automatically switches to flashing mode when battery runs low
  • Easy to use, versatile rubber band seatpost mount (12-32mm)
  • Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, 2 hour charge time via USB
  • USB A to Micro cable included
  • Weight: 32 grams
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