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Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G+ Tire

The Rubino Pro Control G+ Tire will be a huge seller in the northeast and northwest due to its excellent durability, protection, and all weather grip. Not that cyclists everywhere won't take advantage of this qualities, but the holy grail of tires for the regions of the US that have virtually every weather condition and road surface is a do-it-all, no compromise model that proves its value every day, day after day. new technologies and a well thought out design makes this possible. Vittoria has made an impressive commitment to delivering the cutting edge graphene-based G+ Isotech rubber compound technology across their entire range of tires- from race to endurance. With the addition of G+ Isotech to the Rubino dual compound rubber, and a newly developed casing, the Rubino Pro Control G+ tire has less rolling resistance, more puncture and improved sidewall protection, as well as a great ride quality.

Graphene is a graphite derivative that can be produced in sheets at one carbon atom thickness that is nearly transparent, but has incredible strength for such an ultra-thin material. It is currently being tested for use in numerous and diverse fields, from computer chip design through major construction industries. It is the incredible strength to weight ratio and the impervious nature of such a thin material inspires the engineering world, and for cyclists that means you will be seeing graphene in more than just Vittoria's tires and wheels. In the Rubino Pro G+, Vittoria's three rubber compounds, hugely enhanced by the addition of G+ Isotech, deliver impressive benefits to the cyclist. Everyday durability, protection, and ride quality have been greatly enhanced. Those, along with grip and performance in any weather, are the reasons to ride the Rubino Pro Control G+.

The 120tpi casing is woven from fine nylon fibers, which keeps the casing supple as supple as possible, and Vittoria adds more G+ rubber to the enhance the overall structure and ensure better protection, especially at the sidewall. The trade rubber is called 3C, featuring G+ Isotech, and has been applied in a thicker layer than before to add wear resistance and again, enhances protection, as well as massively improving wet surface grip. Graphene is a game changer, with Vittoria leading the pack.If you are a serious rider who trains year round on roads that destroy your race tires, or a commuter who prefers to treat the trips back and forth as a form of practiced aggression, or a gravel rider that longs for sustained speed with a problem-free tire, the Rubino Control G+ will suit you all.


  • All conditions, durable, grip-centric, protection-oriented road clincher tire
  • Aimed at adventure, touring, commuting and gravel riding/racing
  • Features 3C rubber with three compounds, including graphene G+ Isotech
  • Lightweght, pristene, graphene provides impressive strength, and adds considerable puncture protection, enhances grip with reduced rolling resistance
  • Generous tread application for superior mileage and durability
  • 120tpi nylon casing is strong, yet supple with better sidewall protection
  • Extra layer of protection under tread
  • Use with latex or butyl tubes
  • Diamond and siped tread design
  • Pressure range: 87-130psi (700x25, varies by size)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 700x23 280g, 700x25 320g, 700x28 360g
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Reg Price $55.99


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