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Quarq SRAM Red BB30 Powermeter 2016

SRAM was a leader in developing the BB30 bottom bracket standard, and was equally important in reducing crankset weight via their Exogram carbon fiber construction process. Now, with Quarq brought into the SRAM family, the company combines these technologies to to produce a world class powermeter . Lightweight. Precision. Ease of use. Accuracy. Perfect integration. These are the characteristics of the no compromises Red Quarq BB30 Powermeter. The integrated Quarq design is a direct force instrument, measuring power from both legs through PowerBalance™ technology right at the spindle with 1.5% accuracy. The powermeter itself is housed in a CNC machined aluminum spider that is mated to the lightweight, stiff Red Exogram™ Hollow Carbon BB30 driveside crank arm and spindle. The power transfer of the crankset is excellent, and there is zero power loss from the spider design, delivering the not only accurate scientific measurement, but real world power transfer.

Despite many other powermeter options, it can be argued that the highest quality crank-based systems are still the best option for serious cyclists, whether they race or not. The Red Quarq design features SRAM's replaceable 5 bolt chainrings and shift capability. Cyclists can be selective about pedal and wheel choices that work best for them, and powermeter models can be limiting. The oversized, simple system makes for quick bike swaps if necessary, and allows the rider to choose optimal equipment to match the precision shifting and power delivery of SRAM Red- mechanical or eTAP.

Power measurement through the Quarq device is programmed through 10,000 data points, to eliminate and compensate for temperature effects from 0-130°F. Installation, activation, and use are simplified with AxCad, a multi-axis accelerometer system that both switches the power meter on, and measures cadence. Zeroing your unit can be done both manually and automatically and an LED indicator makes set-up and pairing obvious with your reusable, visible ANT+ code. The straightforward approach continues with the easily replaced CR2032 battery, which is accessed via a sealed, machined aluminum cover on the outward facing side of the spider. The total effect is a clean, smart design that makes for simple and efficient interaction.

Wet, muddy, or freezing conditions won't impact use, as the Quarq passes the IPX7 waterproof standard, so unless you are storing your bike under 1 meter of water, you will be golden. The same can be said for pressure washing or hosing off. Be smart about it- as your bearings are more susceptible than the crankset, and you will never have to worry about it. From a technology perspective, the ANT+ protocol allows you to connect a wide range of available head units, and your data can easily be pulled into training software, including Training Peaks WKO+, Training Peaks and Strava. Quarq's free Qalvin app makes physically monitoring and updating your unit easy. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, Qalvin allows to set the zero offset, check battery voltage, run diagnostics, and perform firmware updates for free. your data can easily be pulled into training software, including Training Peaks WKO+, Training Peaks and Strava.

SRAM Red's quality, technology, and performance speaks for itself, as does the precision, accuracy, and durability of the Quarq. Integrating the two into this powermeter has served several pro cycling teams and top triathletes well, and the SRAM Red Quarq BB30 Powermeter can do the same for you. We are offering this unit without chainrings, as riders have indicated selecting the best option for their needs is preferable. The Red 2x system offers ample options, and aftermarket rings only need to meet SRAM requirements for compatibility, but the Red chainrings have been made stiffer and stronger for Red eTap, so keep that in mind.. Just select your crank length and 5 bolt BCD preference (110 or 130) and enjoy this sleek, lightweight precision power measurement tool.


  • Spider-based, perfectly integrated ANT+ powermeter BB30 Red crankset (no rings)
  • Exogram™ Hollow Carbon crank arms, BB30 spindle, and CNC aluminum spider unit
  • Direct force powermeter measures total power output from both legs with +/-1.5% accuracy via PowerBalance technology
  • Compatible with SRAM 22 chainrings with 5th arm hidden bolt design
  • 10K™ temperature compensation eliminates effect on power measurement
  • AxCad™ accelerometer cadence turns on unit and eliminates the need for a magnet
  • LED indicator and visible ANT+™ ID streamline installation and operation
  • OmniCal™ means you can change chainrings without affecting accuracy
  • CR2032 battery provides 300 hours of riding time, external access for replacement
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Use free Quarq Qalvin software set the zero offset, check battery voltage, run diagnostics, and perform firmware updates for free
  • ANT+ protocol means you can run any ANT+ head unit
  • Data easily used with Training Peaks WKO+, Training Peaks and Strava
  • Chainrings NOT included, but comes with chainring bolts
  • Options: 110 BCD (compact) or 130 BCD (standard), crankarm length
Reg Price $1,349.00


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