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Supacaz Suave Bar Tape

The tale of the tape is as such: Supcaz dominates the use of silicone-based handlebar tape in the pro peloton. Yet interestingly enough, the buzz now is about the Supacaz SUAVE edition, which is a felted tape with a cork base. It still has a 3mm thickness, but a totally different feel and grip. Not less or more than Super Sticky Kush, just different, and let's face it, cyclists have preferences for feel and control. Some tapes just don't allow you to easily slip your hands from position to position. The sensation on the skin of the hand and finger of SUAVE is softer, yet when you start to sweat you feel fully in control- and those who have ridden felted cork tapes previously will recognize the experience.

Supacaz SUAVE is designed to be more durable than traditional cork tapes, and the finish allows the California-based company the opportunity for new graphic effects, including Midnite Glow, a tape that will appear to glow in the dark, offering the safety of constant visibility, as well as a sweet look that will draw it's own attention. The dimensions stay the same as all Supacaz tape, just like the inclusion of Star Plugz, Supacaz's machined aluminum, laser etched, powder coated end plugs. Supacaz has made itself a huge player in a highly competitive market in a short time. Now with SUAVE, the company has broadened their appeal without sacrificing the cool factor and eye-catching graphic effects cyclists turn to for a little more "pop", even at night.


  • Felted finish cork tape with soft, confident grip
  • Durable design that can take the daily wear and tear of pro cycling
  • Cushion and hand protection without sacrificing the tactile experience
  • Includes aluminum, laser etched, powder coated, bar end Star Plugs
  • Dimensions: Length 2160mm, Width 30mm, Thickness: 3mm
  • Twp tape rolls, 1 pair of Star Plugz, 2 high-end rubberized Finishing Tapes
  • Options: White, Midnite Glow (glow in the dark)
  • Weight: tbd


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