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Soma Fabrications Shikoro KV Tire

There is a huge market for durable clincher training tires that offer grip, high mileage, low rolling resistance and puncture protection. Racers, commuters, and other serious riders try them all. Unfortunately, very few options meet the desired standard in all categories. Soma Fabrications partners with a Japanese tire manufacturer on specialty tires, and the Shikoro KV Tire is their answer to the perfect training tire. The distinctive appearance and tread pattern help promote the tire as something new and different. The performance confirms this, as the Shikoro KV actually meets all reasonable expectations. This armored tire is light enough to keep most racing types happy, rolls fast and true, provides excellent grip in wet or dry conditions, and offers excellent puncture protection- while actually delivering road feel and sensitivity most of us had given up on in training tires.

Shikoro is the Japanese word for the structured cowl that protected the neck of a Samurai in full armor. The protection in the tire is from a bead to bead breaker that is densely woven from fine polymide (Kevlar) fibers. These woven fibers allow the 4HD casing to flex and compress, but the tight mesh protects against puncture and impact. The suppleness contributes to low rolling resistance, as does the High Mileage rubber compound, which delivers a firm enough surface that endures heat and pressure, but provides adequate grip. Cornering and traction is truly enhanced by the recessed patterns and siping. The directional tire has a 1-2 center pattern of alternating squares, with a smaller square pattern out onto the shoulder. The directional shoulder siping wraps over the edge, providing grip and releasing water away from the tire surface. You get a very consistent feel throughout. There is never a moment when you have to guess if the tire will adhere. The combination of the rubber and patterning works brilliantly, while rolling smoothly at speed.

We are impressed with the Shikoro KV, and expect most riders will be as well. Available in a great range of sizes from 28c to 42c, these folding tires are great for offseason training, cross bike road use, commuting and gravel racing and riding that feature considerable pavement zones. If you are searching for such a tire, and haven't been all that pleased with other options you have tried and found lacking, it is time to mount the Shikoro KV tire and hit the road.


  • Folding clincher training tire with exceptional protection, rolling speed, and road feel
  • Dense Weave Polyamide breaker offers bead to bead protection
  • 4HD casing offers low rolling resistance, while providing edge shape and structure
  • High Mileage carbon rubber compound with all-road tread pattern
  • Kevlar bead and fine fiber polymide breaker
  • Excellent in wet or dry conditions with directional tread, siping
  • Color: Black tread/brown sidewall
  • Sizes: 700x28, 700x33, 700x38, 700x42
  • Weight: 28c 320g, 33c 350g, 38c 430g, 42c 495g
  • Made in Japan for Soma Fabrications


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