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ENVE Smart System Clincher Rim

It is natural to think that Smart System must be some sort of acronym or maybe even something the marketing department came up with between Xbox sessions but it is actually someone's name. Simon Smart, formerly the aerodynamicist for Red Bull's Formula One team who took his knowledge from 15 years in F1 and applied it to bikes. He started small, working with the top level teams and athletes in cycling to help develop riding positions and even clothing to help riders eliminate their extra drag. He then assisted in the development for some of the most aero frames in the industry and now he has added collaboration with Enve to develop the world's fastest rims. Simon has utilized the full force of the performance motorsports world he has come from to develop aerodynamics for bikes by using the Mercedes Benz F1 wind tunnel and all of its hardware and software benefits to test and optimize his designs.

The Smart system clincher rims are available in a number of sizes from 35mm to 70mm deep. All of these rims have a few things in common including a proprietary molding process which combines more heat and more pressure into their molds. This optimizes the layup process and allows them to use less material. Less material of course means less weight. That of course brings us to Enve's claim to fame: highest strength to weight ratio in the industry. This is no small accomplishment in this competitive industry. These rims must be very light and very strong at the same time. Of course with the fluid dynamics provided by Simon Smart they have the third element of top notch aerodynamics included as well. Enve's technologies also include a proprietary molding process that allows for spoke holes to be molded in place rather than drilled afterward. This means that there are no breaks in the individual carbon fibers and allows the rim to hold up to immense spoke tensions.

Wheel builds are a specialty of Excel Sports and we offer rims, spokes and hubs to suit your needs. If you don't know exactly what you want, give us a call. Our staff enjoys creating the right wheel for you and can walk you through the decision making process until you have the perfect wheel for your needs


  • Smart Enve System engineered UD carbon rims
  • Includes rimstrip, Shimano/SRAM style brake pads, Enve-specific spoke nipples
  • Rim depths available: 35mm, 45mm, 60mm and 70mm
  • 35mm rim spec: 20h, 26mm external width, 455 grams
  • 45mm rim spec: 24h, 24mm external width, 472 grams
  • 60mm rim spec: 20h, 26mm external width, 535 grams
  • 70mm rim spec:24h, 24mm external width, 549 grams
  • Made in the US

Enve recommends a 23-25mm tire for optimal aerodynamics

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