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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Cassette

When you buy Super Record components you expect the finest materials, highest overall quality, and an aesthetic attraction. With a cassette, beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder, but it would be hard to argue with any other aspect of the Super Record 11 Speed Ultra-Shift Cassette. Perhaps the overall cost, but high quality titanium is an expensive material, and working with Ti is time consuming and hard on tooling. But when you seek the ultimate in Campagnolo components, and desire the lightest wide-ranging cassette, the six titanium cogs sell themselves. The remaining steel cogs will not be a hindrance and are coated with a nickel-chrome finish that ensures excellent wear over time and reduces the possibility of oxidation. Shifting performance is spectacular, wear has been optimized with steel in the smaller cogs, and titanium is light.

Campagnolo grouped 2 sets of 3 titanium cogs on single aluminum carriers, to reduce weight, keep the assembly stiff and evenly distribute force to the freehub. This also eliminates negative impact on aluminum freehub bodies. The steel cogs and spacers are individual and when mounted properly with the lockring tightened to a max 40nm torque specification, the cassette will feel solid and sure, as Campagnolo should. Shifts will be crisp, quick and precise, with the positive feel you know so well. The Ultra-Shift synchronized tooth patterns and shapes define precision- which is crucial with the tight tolerances of the 11 speed drivetrain.

Super Record sets the pinnacle for cycling components. Campagnolo was mindful of costs in building out the group, but the intent was still to build the lightest, best functioning, most attractive groupset available. The staunchest of weight watchers would decry the lack of a full titanium cassette, but the sheer cost would back most of them down. By delivering the largest six cogs in titanium, a huge amount of weight was saved, and the sheer efficiency and durability of the smaller cogs in steel was the perfect blend. The overall performance of Super Record is sublime, and the Ultra-Shift Cassette is a perfect example of why.


  • 11 speed Ultra-Shift titanium-steel cog (6-5) cassette for Super Record 11 drivetrains
  • Six ti cogs ride three each on aluminum carriers to evenly distribute force to freehub
  • Five individual steel cogs have nickel-chrome finish, use aluminum spacers
  • Cogs are sculpted, shaped and synchronized with Ultra-Shift for precision shifting
  • Lockring provided (version determined by small cog selection)
  • Compatible with Super Record 11 speed drivetrains
  • Many combinations available, please select from drop-down list
  • Weight: varies by size, but 11-27 is 212g with lockring
  • Made in Italy

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