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Zipp Tangente Speed RT28 Tubeless Road Tire

Zipp's Tangente Speed Tubeless Tire comes in two sizes, designated the RT25 and the RT28, which corresponds to the tire width. According to testing at an independent lab Zipp's Tangente Tubeless tires deliver the lowest rolling resistance, best dry grip, and best overall corning grip among major tubeless tire brands. The shape, volume and tread are drawn from the standard clincher Tangente Speed and Course tires of the same size, a formula that produced excellent results that are only enhanced by the ability to run lower pressures and not use a tube, which reduces friction and flexibility within the tire.

Designed for performance and race-oriented use, these tires are designed for on-pavement riding. The RT 25 and RT28 have been optimized for the modern wider rims; increasing aerodynamics, stability and control. These tires also feature low rolling resistance and high durability, from a combination of the supple 127 TPI nylon casing and the polyamide puncture protection layer under the tread. The tread rubber itself is 60 ShA durometer rubber (Shore A) that balances grip, protection, and wear admirably, and carries a water siping tread pattern that enhances control and cornering in less than ideal conditions.

The final key reason to choose the Tangente Speed RT Tubeless tire is mounting them by hand is not only feasible, but as easy as any truly effective tubeless tire we have ever installed. That counts for plenty, as does the fact that the tubeless set-up is quick, with an excellent seal on Tubeless Ready rims. Please keep in mind that these tires are not to mounted on a standard clincher rim, even with a tube, just on a road Tubeless Ready design. You can use a tube with a tubeless rim if you need it for emergency purposes. If you want to step up your road tubeless game for your road bike, the Zipp Tangente Speed RT25 and RT28 Tubeless Tires deliver on the hype.


  • Premium quality road tubeless tires that beat the competition in independent testing
  • Meets the preferences for wider performance tires among today‚Äôs road riders
  • Low rolling resistance, high cornering grip provide speed, stability in any situation
  • Ability to run lower tire pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats
  • No tire levers needed or recommended for installation
  • 127 TPI nylon casing, Polyamide puncture protection layer under tread
  • 60 ShA durometer rubber (Shore A) with directional water-siping tread pattern
  • Designed for tubeless wheelsets only
  • Max inflation: RT25 115psi, RT28 100psi
  • Options: RT25 (25mm), RT28 (28m)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: RT25 292g, RT28 302g

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